Gray Area Picks: Stunning Sights And Must See Spots In Ibiza

Feb 28, 2023

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Arguably the most famous island of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza often acquires its reputation from its glittering clubbing scene. While each party hotspot deserves its yearly pilgrimage of fans, if we can take one night off the dancefloor then a whole world of daytime delights are waiting to be discovered.

Despite only stretching 35km by 20km, this rocky spec in the Mediterranean sea offers a natural and historical beauty that deserves to be explored.

Here we introduce some of the island’s must-sees, so you can experience Ibiza in all its glory.

Dalt Vila - Ibiza Town

Hugging the southeast coast of the island, Ibiza Town is the island's capital and the largest destination in Ibiza.

Its stunning port, cobbled streets and the iconic UNESCO World Heritage Sight - Dalt Vila are all calling cards to the island's flocking tourists each year.

Built in the 16th century, Dalt Vila stands tall over the town, always making its presence known as it peaks out above the traditional homes and restaurants. Although there are several ways to access the site, the Portal de Ses Taules that slopes down into the bustling plaza is considered the main one.

Once walking up the drawbridge you can follow the cobbled streets - remember comfortable footwear, heels may cause some difficulties here - and explore the local restaurants, bars and shops selling individual one-off art and fashion wares.

Follow the lane to the top and you’ll reach the Mirador Rey Jaume I viewpoint, just beside the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves. Here the full beauty of Ibiza Town, the Port and even the island of Formentera on a clear day offer an incredible backdrop.

To get here: Whether under the blazing summer sun or the twinkling nightlights, this is a must do for those visiting the island. Local buses or taxis offer easy ways to access the town with on and off street parking available for those with a car.

The Festival Club - San Josep

Perched within the hills of Sant Josep de sa Talaia, The Festival Club is one of the original pieces of Ibiza musical history.

Opened in 1972, The Festival Club entertained Ibiza residents and tourists with dining, dancing and shows that were watched from the stone seats lined upon the hill in an ampitheater fashion.

Sadly within two years the club was closed but has since become a canvas for artists to show off their creativity. Now an art piece in itself, its walls are adorned with brightly coloured graffiti that changes as each new season is welcomed in.

Despite its crumbling facade and sometimes slightly treacherous staircases, exploring its many nooks and crannies is one of the most fun ways to spend a day. It's like a guessing game on acid, as you wonder what each hidden doorway may have led to.

To get here: With a long hill to the entrance, walking here isn’t really an option and while taxis are available, you’ll have to pay a waiting fee. The best way to access it is via a car or moped, which will give you all the time you need to explore this colourful creation.

Time and Space - Cala Llentia

Perched upon the hillside of Cala Llentia, Time and Space is an exhibition of mammoth proportions. The stories behind this mystical spot are almost as grand as the gigantic stone structures themselves, with it often referenced as a landing place for aliens.

Sadly the truth is slightly less far-fetched, with it actually being commissioned by local resident and founder of Cirque du Soleil. That's not to say it doesn't still have its link with the stars, as each pillar is positioned as a representation of the planets moving around the sun. In the centre you’ll find the tallest structure is highlighted in gold, a clear nod to its portrayal as the sun.

Groups gather regularly here and you’ll often find yoga taking place at sunset, as visitors walk the many stone labyrinths that adorn this mystical site. With views gazing out upon the glittering mediterranean, it really is a beautiful place to simply sit and take in the world.

To get here: Follow the signs for Cala Conta beach and take the turning for Cala Codolar. The best way to access here is by car and moped, but keep a watch out for those bumpy roads.

Es Vedrà - San Josep

Positioned in the south-west of Ibiza coast, Es Vedrà beams with majestical energy as it sits within the crystal clear waters that encompass it. Many myths surround this simple rock - including it being the third most magnetic place in the world - and its these legends that bring tourists here in their droves. From hikers to yoga enthusiasts, everyone wants to bag a taste of the incredible presence and energy.

Sitting around 400 metres above sea level, Es Vedrà’s sheer size and pyramid like structure are viewable from both the south-west shores of Cala d’hort beach - along the south-west coast - and overhanging viewpoints. Probably the most desired view on the island, bag yourself a villa with views and you’re sure to be tripping on its magic for your entire visit.

To get here: To find either point, simply follow signs for Cala d’Hort beach. As you approach you’ll find a viewing platform on the left that’s accessible easily by car and offers stunning views that pour down over the Mediterranean below. Continue further down the road and Cala d’Hort beach awaits.

Here you can relax on the sand, or eat from one of the two local restaurants as you gaze out upon the magical sight before you. Sadly buses don’t run directly but hiring a car, even just for a day for this visit, is well worth it.

Ibiza Sunset - South West Area

Ibiza sunsets are a world renowned spectacle, with coastlines filled with eager admirers poised and ready to clap its final descent into the horizon. Within the summer season (April to October) the south-west side of the island offers countless beautiful locations to find a place to perch and begin the evening ritual. Deciding where to go will of course depend on the experience you want.

For a moment surrounded by nature then Es Vedrà or Time and Space shown above are obvious options. Head further down the road to Cala Conta and you can join the revellers on the sand or at the beachside Sunset Ashram.

Sunset Ashram - Ibiza

For a little more life and a musical soundtrack alongside then Kumharas in San Antonio Bay or Mambo, Mint and Cafe Del Mar on the sunset strip are obvious options. Here the crowds bustle for prime viewing tables or take the cheaper option and enjoy a beer amongst the rock pools.

To get here: To access San Antonio buses run regularly from Ibiza Town. Paid parking is available throughout San Antonio along with a dusty, free car park behind the sunset strip.

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