Patrice Bäumel Revolutionizes Techno and Events as We Know Them

Aug 8, 2023

Carolina Quijano

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You've seen Patrice Bäumel, but you've never seen him like this. His music and personal journeys are always evolving, and he continues to top techno charts around the world.

In addition to revolutionizing the world of techno, he's changing the way we experience events. In 2022, this Lisbon-based DJ and producer launched his new label concept and event series, HALO.

The idea behind the HALO label is to provide Patrice with an unrestricted, judgment-free space to release his music. In February 2022, he unveiled his first offering: a two-track debut named HALO1. The first song, “Zero Gravity,” features breathy vocals from Sylvain Chauveau, adding a subtle and mysterious touch to the deep track. The song is reminiscent of Depeche Mode, in my opinion.

Then there’s “Six,” a purely instrumental track filled with spacey vibes and amazing basslines – peak Patrice.

Patrice brings that same energy to his HALO event series. The intention behind this series (and his label) is to forge a human connection, to change the way we enjoy music and experience events.

He aims to create a welcoming, unfiltered space devoid of VIP areas, visuals, and phones. It's just you and Patrice, connecting through the music, bridging the gap between artist and attendee.

He offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience, playing his signature sound all night long. That's right, each HALO event features Patrice delivering an epic hours-long DJ set, providing music from the moment the doors open until they close. It’s an incredibly intimate affair.

He plans to take this concept to his favorite venues worldwide, debuting it in various cities. Patrice first introduced HALO in Denver in July 2022 and has since taken HALO to Amsterdam and London, with more locations on the horizon. Keep an ear to the ground to find out if he brings his HALO concept to a city near you.

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