Signings, Sounds, and the City: Exploring Denis Horvat's World

Jul 28, 2023

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Denis Horvat is more than just a name in the music industry; he's a driving force propelling the genre into the future. Known for his magnetic connection to labels like Innervisions, Afterlife, and Diynamic Music, Denis's collaboration with these leaders in the industry has not only shaped his career but ignited unforgettable opportunities for his evolution. His entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of his label Vokabularium, a carefully curated platform for releasing meaningful music, reflecting his intentional and thoughtful approach to his craft.

Off the stage, Denis reveals a diverse set of interests, from rebuilding vintage motorcycles to embracing the urban energy of Copenhagen. In our recent Q&A with Denis Horvat, we were given insight into the mind of this influential artist, exploring everything from his landmark musical affiliations to his passion projects outside the studio. Whether reminiscing about his signings with major labels or discussing his latest release on his imprint, Denis's words unveil the richness and depth of a true musical innovator.

What memorable experience stands out to you from working with Innervisions, Afterlife, and Diynamic Music?

Signing with these three labels is quite a big thing because, in my opinion, they're the three labels that are leading this scene now. Even for the last ten years, I would say maybe even more. I had some nice moments before being signed to Innervisions. I used to go to Sonar, just to watch these guys play.

At one point, they signed my music, which was amazing. Solomun invited me to play a plus one at Pasha in Ibiza. That was probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So yes, that was a huge effect on me and my career.

What sparked the idea to create your label Vokabularium and what is your future for it?

I was encouraged to start my label by the Innervisions team because I was producing a lot of music at that moment. Then I finally did it. It's been kind of a slow process right now because when I launched it, the pandemic had just started. When the pandemic began, I had my first release on Vokabularium. I don't have any specific plans with Vokabularium other than releasing good music.

It's not going to be every month or every second one, it's going to be when I have some good stuff to release. Otherwise, it just doesn't make any sense to me.

Outside of music, what are some of your interests or hobbies?

I have a nice little motorcycle which is a Suzuki 55 from 1978, which I rebuilt. It’s not super-fast, but it's nice for the city. I live in Copenhagen so for the small roads, it's amazing. I do go to the gym as well and I used to play a lot of soccer. I played a lot of football before, which I don't do anymore because I don't have the time.

Do you have a pre-show ritual or routine? If so, what is it?

I don’t have any routines. I always check my music and update my playlist. Sometimes, I try to get a nice nap in before playtime. It’s quite rare that I'm able to do that. I think I speak for a lot of DJs. And of course, I'm always excited to play.

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