Spinall: The Man Behind the Music - 5 Unforgettable Stories from His Life and Career

May 25, 2023

GA Editorial Team

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1. The Transition from Engineer to DJ

Perhaps one of the most defining moments of Spinall's life was the conscious decision to turn his back on a potential career in electrical electronics engineering to embrace his passion for music. It was a struggle to choose between his formal education and the love for music that kept drawing him to radio stations. The day he decided to follow his heart marked a significant transition, leading him to become the Afrobeat star he is today.

2. Crafting the Album 'Top Boy'

When creating his album 'Top Boy,' Spinall sought to tell a story of resilience. He intended the album's title to be a tribute to all those striving to overcome their struggles, embodying the spirit of perseverance that has been a consistent theme throughout his own life and career. He painstakingly curated the music for this album, reflecting his vast inspirations and genres he delved into - from Afrobeat and Afro-house to R&B and deeper house.

3. Collaborating with Global Stars

Spinall's collaborative work with global stars such as Burna Boy, Wizkid, Fireboy DML, and DJ Snake has made him a household name in the Afrobeat scene. These collaborations have taught him valuable lessons, with patience being the most prominent. He learned that collaborations are not just about two talents working together, but about two different worlds coexisting and understanding each other to produce a harmonious output.

4. The Invitation from Beyonce

Spinall was honored when he was invited by Beyonce to contribute to the 'Lion King' project. In an industry where DJs are often overlooked, this was a significant recognition of Spinall's talent and the unique vision he brings to his work. This experience not only affirmed his position as a respected artist but also exposed him to other creatives from whom he could learn and draw inspiration.

5. The Energy Exchange: Performances in London, New York, and Lagos

Spinall's performances are legendary, as he feeds off the energy of his audience to deliver electrifying sets. His live performances in cities like London, New York, and Lagos stand out, showcasing his ability to transcend boundaries and resonate with diverse audiences. These performances are not just about playing music but also about creating an experience that both Spinall and his audience can share and remember.

Each of these stories offers a glimpse into Spinall's life and career, revealing the heart and soul behind his music. His journey, characterized by resilience, passion, and authenticity, serves as a testament to the transformative power of music and the importance of staying true to one's self. As he continues to inspire with his music, Spinall's story remains an encouraging beacon for artists and music lovers worldwide.

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