DJ Spinall's Momentous Journey: From Engineer to Afrobeat Stalwart

May 25, 2023

GA Editorial Team

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Against a rhythmic backdrop of Afrobeat, a genre soaring to dizzying heights of global popularity, Spinall has carved a name for himself as a masterful DJ and producer. Yet, his ascension in the music world was not an overnight phenomenon; it was a transformative journey that took him from studying electrical electronics engineering to becoming the poster child of Afrobeats.

The early days of Spinall were immersed in a world filled with the musical richness of various records his parents would play. His formative years were shaped by diverse musical influences, providing him a broad and comprehensive musical perspective. But while the tunes began to captivate his young heart, it was a completely different field that initially held his academic attention.

In his university days, Spinall found himself engrossed in studying electrical electronics engineering. Though he appreciated the scientific discipline, his spirit yearned for the beat of the drum and the harmony of melodies. He began to feel a pull towards the radio stations, where he would sneak off to, even as he tried to maintain focus on his engineering coursework.

In a testament to his passion for music, Spinall wrestled with his decision to pivot from his academic pursuits. The internal conflict between the safety of an engineering career and the uncertain but exciting realm of music was daunting. However, it was his undeniable love for music that eventually won.

Spinall's conscious decision to follow his heart and pursue a career in music marks a defining moment in his life. It was a choice that not only showcased his courage and dedication to his passion but also initiated his impressive career trajectory as a revered DJ and music producer.

Spinall's journey is a compelling narrative for all, particularly for those interested in dance music. His story underscores the need for authenticity, dedication, and the pursuit of passion in the path to success. The exciting tapestry of Afrobeat, R&B, Hip Hop, and House music that Spinall weaves is proof that the heart's calling can lead to phenomenal achievements. The erstwhile engineering student is now spinning decks across continents, proving that when it comes to following your dreams, the beat indeed goes on.

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