The Genesis of Before Dawn

Feb 6, 2024

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Michela Iosipov

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SLANDER, the dynamic duo renowned for their signature melodic bass sound, embarked on a daring musical journey with the creation of "Before Dawn," a project that serves both as a single and an alias for their foray into the techno genre. This venture symbolizes a significant departure from their well-established sound, steering towards a darker, more profound underground vibe that contrasts sharply with their previous works.

Derek Andersen and Scott Land, the minds behind SLANDER, embraced this new direction with enthusiasm, viewing it as a refreshing challenge and an opportunity to showcase their versatility as artists. The introduction of "Before Dawn" to their live performances has been met with enthusiastic acclaim from audiences, signaling a positive shift in their musical trajectory.

This project not only represents a pivotal moment in SLANDER's evolving career but also demonstrates their ability to successfully navigate and innovate within the electronic music landscape, promising an exciting future direction for their music.

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