Tuning into Daizy: The Road to III Points Sound Wave

Oct 13, 2023

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Michela Iosipov

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Local Miami artist, Daizy, is not just prepping for her set at this year's III Points Festival, but also shining in the spotlight with her feature on the Road to III Points Gray Area exclusive SoundCloud mix. Known for integrating heart-pumping rhythms with influences from her stint in Tel Aviv, her music offers a refreshing blend that stands out in Miami's diverse music scene.

III Points, happening at the Mana Wynwood Convention Center on October 20th and 21st, has been a staple in South Florida's music scene for a decade. Positioned in Miami's Wynwood district, the festival annually showcases a mix of musical genres and art, reflecting the city's rich cultural landscape.

Daizy reflects “​​III Points has allowed me to open to my community and share music that I passionately work on year-round. This is beyond a music festival; it feels more like a family. With thousands of brothers and sisters who share a bond for creating art, music, and experiences. I am honored to be playing for my third year and looking forward to contributing to the magic of III Points 2023. Be sure to catch my closing set next Friday night at the ODD Box!”

As a Miami native, Daizy's performance at the festival will certainly resonate with local attendees familiar with her sound. Her set at the ODD Box on Friday promises to add another layer to the eclectic sounds III Points is celebrated for.

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