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Hailing from Peterborough a town located north of London and east of Birmingham, ALISHA is an artist determined to make her mark in the realm of UK house music. While some naysayers may consider it detrimental for her to grow up outside of a major hub like London, clearly her upbringing in a moderately out-of-the-way town has permeated into her unique and intriguing take on four-on-the-floor grooves.

Over the last few years ALISHA has landed releases on the cream of the crop when it comes to house music labels. She’s staked her claim on Green Velvet’s Relief with the compilation single, “Trip” that features the type of seductive vocals that Velvet himself would be proud to reiterate.

ALISHA’s also been on not one, not two, but three compilations for Mark Knight’s legendary Toolroom with equally drum heavy and motion-centric cuts.

On the first compilation, Toolroom Ibiza 2019, ALISHA partnered with none other than Pirate Copy with whom she has shared a lucrative musical relationship for years. She’s had multiple releases on Pirate Copy’s label, Kaluki Music including “Infectious” and “What’s Your Name,” both of which honor her offbeat style whilst upholding the inimitable dancefloor reputation Kaluki has maintained since 2010.

ALISHA has also partnered with Pirate Copy for many impressive gigs like a headlining set at London’s 93 Feet East. That’s not to say that she can’t hold her own on the decks as she also recently played open-to-close at the Manchester destination Joshua Brooks.

House music’s royal elite have endorsed the heck out of ALISHA, and it won’t be long until the rest of the world does too when they inevitably discover her on her meteoric rise.

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