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Boris Werner is a Dutch DJ and producer who has made his place as one of the most sought after performers in Amsterdam.

In 2007, Werner produced his first record in collaboration with Lauhaus which was released under the label Remote Area owned by Dylan Hermelijn. Just a short year later, the producer booked his first international gig in Spain and that got the ball rolling as far as moving along his music career. He now boasts releases on a wide array of labels including Rush Hour, Supplement Facts, and Soweso just to name a few.

In an interview with Electronic Groove, Werner is asked to compare producing and DJing and explain which one he enjoys more. He responds, “DJing is still my first love but after releasing music for 10 years it slowly feels like my 2nd love… Getting better at it (producing) bit by bit, which gives me the confidence to push it further.”

Werner started honing in on his sound when he started listening to old music and realized that he had a passion for rummaging through old records and finding the diamond in the rough. “There is still so much more good old music to be found, it appeals to me much more than 80% of what’s been released nowadays,” Werner said in his interview with Deep House Amsterdam. He believes playing with records sets him apart from DJs who play solely digital.

Boris has conquered clubs, venues and events all across the world from Brazil to New York to South Africa to Chile. You can find him on a variety of festival lineups, mainly in Europe.

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