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Born in Russia, integrative sound producer, Dasha Rush fills her life with traveling around the world and building her expansive collection of electronic music and arts projects. This individual revolutionizes the dynamic energy of the different landscapes that surround us and creates emotional and compelling sound productions. Rush pieces together her most intense thoughts with multidimensional thick techno, visual adventures, and physical art. This experimental sound composer and Berlin-based artist is famous for her unique collaborations showcased at the most progressive stages for innovative music and nuanced digital culture. Her curious and  contorted style displays machines as the central figure of neo-romanticism and also intertwines those ideals with the various focuses that come from the dreams of humans.

The start of her musical career can be traced back to Russia with Rush being at a very young age. More progress and activity in her musical interests took place organically when she moved to France to develop further as an electronic music performer and artist. This is also when she began experimenting with various forms of art, collaborating with dancers and painters, bringing those physical and visual elements into her music. Rush likes to test the limits of contemporary music and greatly encourages deviation and novelty with all methods of art, musical and non-musical. It is her recipe for a mindful composition when working on multifaceted projects.

Although Rush has released with labels like Sonic Groove and Raster Noton, most of her work is issued from her own imprint, Fullpanda Records, as well as her more exploratory sub-label Hunger to Create. Her album, Sleepstep, released by the label Raster-Noton, can be seen as a major metaphor for her musical style. This album discusses the states between sleep and wakefulness, while her inventiveness with her music compositions is all about the space between mediums or modes of art. Hard but tender, Sleepstep was an outstanding showcase of the “in between” and “all encompassing.”

Not being limited or tied to one thing is extremely important to Rush, which explains her solid independence as a producer. As a live performer, composer, and artist, Rush’s work goes beyond music and successfully encases everything she wishes to emulate from her artful, enveloping work.

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