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Emerging from Italy, Dimmish has made a name for himself as one of the most sought-after talents in the Underground Minimal and Tech House circuit. Every beat he crafts, every groove he churns out, speaks volumes about his deep-rooted passion and commitment to the music he produces.

A hallmark of a truly talented artist is the quality of labels they associate with, and Dimmish is no exception. He has been privileged to release his tracks on some of the most esteemed platforms in the industry, namely Solid Grooves and Avotre. But what makes these releases even more special is the recognition and endorsement from the giants like Marco Carola, Enzo Siragusa, Michael Bibi, and Joris Voorn.

Since 2018, Dimmish has been a fixture on the Beatport top100 chart, a renowned list that recognizes the best in electronic music. A whopping 5 of his tracks found their place in the top 10, and among them, "Lucy Liu" and "Brain Tornado" stood out, clinching the top spots. Such accomplishments don't just reflect his musical talent but also highlight his consistency and the warm reception he gets from fans worldwide.

Dimmish is also an electrifying presence on stage. Throughout the first half of 2019, his tour diary was jam-packed. Be it the lively clubs of Canada, the pulsating music scenes in Moldova, the historic venues in the UK, or the energetic crowds of Mexico, Dimmish has left his mark everywhere. And who can forget his monumental South America Tour? It was a testament to his growing international appeal.

Lastly, the summer of 2019 was nothing short of phenomenal for Dimmish. With the release of the mesmerizing "Lunar EP" and a successful collaboration with Solid Grooves, he reinforced his growing stature in the industry.

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