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Over the last 30 years, Enrico Sangiuliano has become one of techno music’s most influential artists. Sangiuliano started his musical career as a sound engineer in Italy, but in the 90’s he started making dance music. As a DJ, he first cut his teeth among the illegal underground rave scene in Italy.

Sangiuliano spent the next decade performing sets all over Italy. He took every gig, from intimate venues to bigger outdoor raves. His tracks from this period–which all still remain unreleased–became party anthems for his devout, Italian fans.

In 2009, he started releasing singles and EPs to a variety of labels like Truesoul, Gem Records, Octopus Recordings and Rhythm Converted. In 2015, Sangiuliano would finally earn international recognition. His remix of DJ Boris’ “Can You Hear Me” was released on Alleanza. The track held the coveted #1 position on Beatport for 14 weeks. The track also holds its title as the highest selling track of 2015 on Beatport, and was also nominated at the IDMA Awards in the “Best Techno / Tech-House Track” category for the same year.

His subsequent releases “X-Pollination” and “Moon Rocks” also took the number one slot on Beatport. “Moon Rocks” would feature all four tracks in Beatport’s Techno Top 10. With all his smashing success, it’s no surprise he was named the “best-selling techno artist” by Beatport in both 2016 and 2017.

In 2022, Sangiuliano began releasing music through his own “transient record label” called NINETOZERO. He describes the project as a time-limited imprint that hopes to rewrite the modern narrative of perpetual, mindless music consumption and challenge audiences to redefine their listening habits. Sangiuliano’s own Silence EP was the first to be released to the label in June of 2022. NINETOZERO will also be expanded to the SOLOS series, which takes the label’s evanescent ethos and turns it into an immersive live experience.

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