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Extrawelt is the collaborative project of two DJ/producers, Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe. Based in Germany, the duo gained notoriety not just under this moniker, but also under the names Der Interpret, The Delta, Midimiliz, and Spirallianz. The pair began producing together in their hometown of Hamburg, under the watchful eye of fellow DJ and producers Marcus Christopher Maichel and Jan Müller, who work together under the moniker X-Dream. With these prodigious beginnings, it’s no surprise that Extrawelt made a splash following their debut release, “Soopertrack,” which they shared in 2005.

The pair went on to make waves with subsequent releases, including their 2008 debut full-length LP ‘Schöne Neue Extrawelt’ which was hailed by Groove Magazine as the best album of that year and acclaimed by Raveline, too. Thus far in their illustrious career as Extrawelt, the pair have shared a variety of full-length albums, including their 2021 “Eigensender” and their 2017 “Fear of an Extra Planet,” in addition to a slew of singles and other releases. Schaffhausen and Raabe have also had several of their seminal tracks remixed by the likes of Max Cooper, Domink Eulberg, Mig Dfoe, and more. As the remixers themselves, they’ve lent their ears and sensibilities to artists including Minilogue and Karmacoda.Their tracks have been released on labels including James Holden’s Border Community, Anil Lal’s Further Electronix, and Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings.

In addition to continuing to garner support from the press—their 2022 remix of Marc Romboy and Oniris’s “First Blush,” topped Magnetic Magazine’s list of “15 Best Techno Tracks of March 2022” and they’ve also appeared in Resident Advisor, among others—the pair has booked appearances across the globe at venues including Berlin’s Watergate and Ritter Butske, Geneva’s Audio Club, and the iconic Muna, in Jena, Germany. They’ve also played sets at festivals including Loveland Festival’s 25 year celebration in 2022, Gottwood, Ikarus Festival, and many more.

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