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Grace Dahl hasn’t been around long, but there is no question that she will be around for a lot longer. In a very small amount of years the burgeoning Dutch DJ and producer is quickly establishing herself as an unmistakable one to watch.

In her home country she is already manning a residency at Vault Sessions, one of the most in-demand parties in the Netherlands, and through Vault Sessions she is performing at epic weekend-long parties hosted at establishments like RSO Berlin and Radion Amsterdam.

Dahl’s influence in The Netherlands also extends beyond the club and into major festivals around the country including the first-ever Awakenings Summer Festival where she will kick things off on Saturday afternoon. This comes on top of festivals like Basic Grooves in Enschede and Sneewubal in Utrecht.

All of these impressive gigs are paired with an equally impressive output of productions. Her catalog is sparse for now, but it is also one that defines the ethos “less is more.” Dahl clearly doesn’t feel the need to overload her release schedule because she understands that her sound in and of itself speaks more than loud enough to turn heads.

Dahl’s kicks are like slowed-down jackhammers, pounding hard enough to crack all manner of stones, but also delivered with a sharp sense of groove. Her single, “Vermillion Empire,” is on the first ever Various Artists compilation from Amelie Lens’ record label, EXHALE, back in 2020, and Dahl’s offering channels that same heavy acid feel that Lens continues to champion through her label and sets.

Then the following year, Dahl shared her debut solo EP, Dark Side Of Desire, a title that perfectly encapsulates her dastardly yet seductive sonic inclinations.

When she is on the decks it’s hard to know whether to dance or appeal to the fallen gods, but don’t worry, Grace Dahl will always be there to guide you.

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