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INVT, a renowned name in the house music scene, has been taking the electronic music world by storm. Born and raised in Miami, this artist's love for music started at a young age, influenced by the city's vibrant culture and diverse rhythms.

Choosing a career in music, INVT has showcased his unparalleled skills in DJing and music production. Over the years, he has released tracks on some of the most notable labels in the house music industry, gaining attention and appreciation from fans and fellow artists alike. His unique blend of beats and melodies showcases his talent and dedication to the genre.

Major artists in the house music scene have supported INVT's work, amplifying his tracks during their sets and sharing them across various platforms. This recognition has opened doors for INVT, allowing him to perform at some of the world's most acclaimed festivals and venues. Fans from different parts of the world gather to experience his electrifying performances, further solidifying his position in the global house music community.

Apart from his music, INVT is also recognized for his artistic side. His Miami upbringing influences his sense of style and aesthetics, which is evident in the cover art of his music releases and the way he presents himself during performances.

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