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Born in the Netherlands in 1991, Reinier Zonneveld is a producer, DJ, and label head who is best known for his acid techno production and impressive live sets.

The Dutch artist was introduced to music at the young age of three, first learning piano before going on to compose classical music pieces and performing solo piano concerts. The musical prodigy dived into electronic music production after starting university and attending his first illegal raves. He spent his allowance on synthesizers and taught himself how to produce from his dorm room.

After completing his two master's degrees in 2015, Zonneveld put his full focus and effort into his true passion— performing and producing techno music. His talent and dedication were quickly recognized by many of the biggest names in the scene. Early in his career, the Dutch artist had releases on Carl Cox’s Intec, Oliver Koletzki’s Stil vor Talent, and Richie Hawtin’s Minus, as well as two official remixes for Moby.

Now, after nearly three decades of musical experience, Zonneveld has become one of the most supported and best-sold techno producers currently.

His sound is influenced equally by his classical background and experience as a raver, which is evident throughout his discography. His catalog ranges from deep melodic tracks to heavy warehouse acid techno. His experiences performing and traveling inspire is a constant source of inspiration for Zonneveld.

His ability to read the crowd and elevate the energy on the dancefloor is what puts him at the top. He’s known for his extended sets, where he could be found performing fully improvised sets all night. He feeds off the energy from the crowd; the mutual synergy constructs an explosive, vibrant dancefloor every time.

When he’s not performing and producing, Zonneveld is focused on his own acclaimed record label, Filth on Acid. Founded in 2017, the label serves as a platform where he has full creative control, from his own releases to putting on other techno talent.

Between his releases, performances, and successful label, Zonneveld naturally influences the global techno scene and is expected to continue for many more years to come.

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