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John Acquaviva confidently upholds the titles of fervent vinyl collector, insatiable entrepreneur, executive film producer, impressive label owner, and world renowned DJ. His work behind the decks and behind the scenes has earned him a great number of accolades, including being named “Electronic Music Pioneer’ at the 2016 DJ Awards in Ibiza. The certified globe-trotter has crossed paths with countless producers, record labels, and is also regarded as a key catalyst in bringing rave culture across the sea to North America.

Born in Orsara di Puglia, Italy, John immigrated with his family to London, Ontario when he was just four years old. It was here that he found his love for music, citing his source of energy and inspiration came with each new record purchase. With a job at a hotel, the Italian-Canadian artist had access to Technics 1200 and began DJing and immersing himself further into the culture. Falling further in love with the music, John took the natural next step and began producing music in his makeshift bedroom studio. Nearly nine years later he met Richie Hawtin, and sharing a similar dream of creating a lasting legacy, the two began producing together.

In 1990, John and Hawtin co-founded Plus 8 Records, an imprint that is now known as one of the most influential techno labels in dance music history. Determined to show the world that they were more than one dimensional, John decided to start two more labels, Probe and Definitive Records - further solidifying John as a global powerhouse.

His innate talents have cemented his place in the music industry in more ways than your average DJ. The musical polestar has made such a significant impact on the way DJs perform in modern day. His technological and masterful grasp of his trade led to his successful partnership with Final Scratch and Beatport. As a vital founder of both companies, it’s evident that John’s reach has touched various corners of the vast electronic music ecosystem. The techno stalwart’s penchant for electronic music production has granted him a four-decade-long career of excellence that is still reigning supreme.

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