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United Kingdom
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Junior Sibanda, also known as Junior Simba, was born and raised in Zimbabwe and moved to Leeds, UK in his late teens where he began to take an interest in the electronic music scene. Being exposed to the sounds of Afro-house and Rhumba in his youth led him to develop a passion for electronic music in his late teens. The combination of Junior Simba’s African roots and his exposure to the UK house music scene can be heavily heard in his music.

The up-and-comer has released a handful of singles and EPs since 2020. He has uploaded several mixes to SoundCloud throughout the years with his earliest upload being a mini mix for Leeds Student Radio uploaded in 2018. Junior Simba has been mastering his craft for a short time but his music reflects the amount of time he has spent perfecting it. The producer has been performing at festivals, warehouse shows and nightclubs all around the UK for the past year or so. Before breaking into bigger venue performances, Junior Simba was performing at local underground events which was just the beginning of his rise in the UK electronic scene. His tracks have been featured on a number of popular radio stations which has resulted in Junior performing alongside some of house music’s biggest players like Hot Since 82, Mall Grab and Hunnee. (Resident Advisor)

Junior is well on his way to being a festival staple and a household name in the electronic music community if he continues on the path he’s on.

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