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Kenny “DOPE” Gonzalez is known as one of the most illustrious figures in New York’s house history. His 32 year career has produced a massive catalog of astonishing range and quality, a record collection that soars well above 50,000, and two reputable labels Kay-Dee and Dopewax. The four time Grammy nominated musical genius is considered to be an integral connection between the underground and the mainstream. His synthesis of house, hip-hop, jazz, Latin, reggae, funk & soul, broken beats, and alternative pop makes Kenny a certified purveyor of sonic masterpieces.

Growing up in Sunset Park, Brooklyn in the eighties, Kenny was surrounded by hip-hop. From the ages of 15-21 he worked as a buyer for a local record shop called WNR Music Centre; this was the place credited for igniting his love for “diggin” for records, a hobby that still consumes him today. As his love for music expanded, Kenny partnered with his friend Mike Delgado to throw a series of neighborhood parties under the alias “Masters at Work” to share his records with more people. A young Todd Terry found himself at one of these events and the two soon became friends, this friendship later led Kenny to an introduction to DJ Little Louie Vega.

Realizing that combining their wide range of influences could make for an intriguing experiment, Kenny and Louie joined forces under the moniker Masters At Work. The pair helmed successful singles, full-length albums, and countless remixes. This was only one of the many projects Kenny was a part of, others include the Nuyorican Soul project, the Bucketheads, the Untouchables, Mass Destruction, and of course work as a soloist. He has released a number of 12’’s of breakbeats and rhythm tracks, compilations, and mix CDs dedicated to all of his influences, particularly hip-hop. In addition to his production skills, the Brooklynite has demonstrated his keen abilities on the decks on many stages, with a pair of notable releases for the U.K.’s BBE label.

Latin percussion, cheerful vocals, and captivating drumbeats are a MAW trademark, but any project of Kenny’s fills dancefloors and causes an infectious feeling of ecstasy and energy. His broad scope of interests and proclivity for fusing different musical forms puts him in a league of his own.

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