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The Hamburg/Berlin duo Kollektiv Turmstrasse, which consists of Christian Hilscher and Nico Plagemann, have always pushed the boundaries of what dance music can be. Their music is multi-layered, affecting one's state of mind as much as their state of dance.

Before meeting in 1998, Hilscher and Plagemann were solo acts all on their own, and the music formed an unbreakable bond between them. Soon they were digging through record stores and attending festivals together, and it was in their first apartment on a street called Turmstrasse when they started their duo.

With their considerable experience and unmatched chemistry as artists, it was only natural that releases came easily. Connaisseur and their own Musik Gewinnt Freunde imprint are just a few labels that have shared their work with remix credits on Cocoon, Get Physical, Soma, Poker Flat, Defected, Systematic and Traum.

Their musical home away from home is surely Solomun’s Diynamic, through which they have shared multiple pieces of work and joined in on branded events all over the globe.

Their output also includes two full length albums, Ordinary and Rebellion der Träumer, which demonstrate the duo’s pristine and sensible approach to club music. Ambient compositions resemble symphonic passages, while the four-on-the-floor inclinations of their home country provide influence but don’t dictate the way forward.

A centerpiece of their output is most certainly their live show, where they implement over 1000 different clips within Ableton Live, responding to the environment moment-to-moment, creating an experience that can not be replicated at any other time or any other place.

All in all, the German word “kollektiv” is a cognate and so it means “collective.” Hilscher and Plagemann are a collective and through their music they see everything else in the world as the same. From the people sharing the dance floor, to the mind, body and soul within every individual who hears their work.

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