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Lee Burridge has been floating through the life of a producer and touring DJ for over thirty years now, and “float” is the ideal word to describe his journey because the most significant part of that journey includes his record label and event brand, All Day I Dream.

But let’s back up really quick. All Day I Dream could not have come to fruition if Burridge hadn’t invented a style of dance music called organic house.

That definition is a bit counterintuitive considering Burridge and the plethora of artists he’s inspired still use electronic equipment to produce and perform organic house.

However, what makes the genre organic is the effect it has on the dancefloor, and the environment that matches the sonics.

Organic house plays at a slower tempo than most other house subgenres, and it utilizes a lot of authentic and acoustic sounds like hand drums and stringed instruments. When people hear these raw sounds in the midst of a party, they don’t rage, they rather move in a much more natural way that is conducive to the body.

In terms of the environment, if Burridge is on the decks, it’s almost guaranteed he’s playing outdoors and during the day. That’s the cornerstone of All Day I Dream, outdoor events in exotic locations like New York City, Greece, Ibiza, Los Angeles, Bali, and more.

The label feeds this too in terms of the organic house they put out, but also the visual branding. Every All Day I Dream release includes an image of a bespoke cloud, and the new sublabel, All Day I Dream In Waves takes things deep into the ocean with a shimmering jellyfish on the sleeve.

It’s such a strong energy that dozens of new and established artists like Tim Green, Lost Desert, and Sebastian Leger are regulars on the label.

Whether you’re floating in the water or floating through the sky, literally or figuratively, Burridge’s music, sets, and events capture that mood and moment perfectly.

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