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Kim de Lange, more commonly known by her onstage moniker, Miss Melera, brings a sound to dance music that is a true blend of deep house and techno, creating a transportive soundscape that’s equally at home on a beach, in a warehouse, or truly, anywhere else in between. The Amsterdam-based DJ and producer has made a name for herself with this distinctive and recognizable sonic take, garnering a great deal of recognition and accolades, and using her platform to create more opportunities to share her music with new audiences.

One of the most notable ways she has done this is through the development of her monthly radio show and periodic event series, COLOURIZON. Just as the name suggests, the series evokes the peaceful, hopeful, and spiritual experience of watching a sunrise or sunset, inspired by the many horizons de Lange herself has experienced during her travels to play music across the world.

The success of COLOURIZON and the subsequent events began to precipitate more and more opportunities for de Lange, including even more opportunities to share her music worldwide, in locales as disparate as Brazil, Switzerland, and Canada. She’s played venues like The Steel Yard in London, abd Berlin’s Kater Blau, as well as festivals like Germany’s Fusion Festival and  Amsterdam’s Pleinvrees Festival. She also notably played a 10-hour set at Amsterdam’s Thuishaven in July 2022.

Thus far, Miss Melera has released a variety of EPs, including 2014’s ‘Faith,’ 2016’s ‘Magenta,’ and 2019’s ‘Horizon.’ de Lange has also shared tracks on labels like Polymath, Chapter 24 Records, and Parquet Recordings. In 2022, she even earned a nod from the queen of deep house herself, with the release of ‘Violet / Ivory’ on Nora En Pure’s Purified Records. She’s also joined forces with Olivier Weiter and Arjuna Schiks for a release on WEITER.

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