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Hailing from Colombia, Mitú are bringing the sounds of their country to techno. The duo, made up of Julián Salazar (synths and machines) and Franklin Tejedor (percussion), make music that defies standard tropes of the genre—it’s delightfully playful, yet full of robust, soulful flavor.

Both halves of Mitú are uniquely equipped for their place of prominence in the dance music scene—and for their respective roles within their partnership. Salazar comes from a music background professionally, forming Mitú with Tejedor after ten years as the lead guitarist for Bomba Estéreo, a well-known Colombian band who has, in recent years, collaborated with Bad Bunny. Tejedor, too, has always been musically-inclined, coming from a heritage of percussionists in his hometown of San Basilio de Palenque. His improvised vocals—sung in Palenquero, the native language of his region—imbue Mitú’s music with its fervent, emotional bent.

Their superior technical chops, prodigious backgrounds, and unique take on techno were clearly a recipe for success. Thus far since the duo’s first release, they’ve performed worldwide, gracing the lineups for destination festivals like Lollapalooza’s Chile and Argentina iterations. Their 2017 LP, “Cosmus” was hailed by Shock Magazine as the #1 Colombian Album of the Year and their work has been covered by music media publications such as Rolling Stone and Noisey. Their devotion to not using any pre-programmed production and remaining a live act has also made them a standout, too—and is a further testament to their overall vision and abilities.

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