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Jonas Saalbach

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Hailing from a quaint southern German town, Jonas Saalbach has achieved numerous milestones in his prolific electronic music career. Initially starting as a live-only performer in his youth, he has since released numerous EPs on top-tier labels and crafted three exceptional studio albums with unwavering passion.

Now based in Berlin, Saalbach's signature sound is marked by raw electronica elements and seamless blends of melodic techno, captivating audiences globally. Recognized beyond his native country, Saalbach's brilliance is evident in his increasingly busy gig calendar, fueled by outstanding releases and the establishment of his own imprint, Radikon, in 2018.

Meaning 'roots' in Esperanto, an international language seeking unity, Radikon is a collective of like-minded artists and an outlet for records that transcend mere music. Each release possesses its own individual soul, heartfelt art, organic synthesis, and haunting melodies, defining the captivating atmosphere at Radikon.

Saalbach's journey from a small German town to the vibrant Berlin music scene serves as a testament to his dedication and artistic vision.

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