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Pig&Dan exist as a symbol of innovative genius in the electronic music world. The two have each committed their life to bringing immense joy to every one of their audiences with their stunning and technical DJ productions. The space they create within their sets is all about community with no hesitancies to really connect with one another. Pig&Dan both preach that music is the most genuine and authentic way to communicate, that we all flourish while promoting positivity. Their mission is simply to put smiles on all of our faces.

Igor (aka Pig) met Dan in 1999 and the pair began a partnership that would soon be recognized globally. The blend of influences that drives their music has given them a unique and engaging sound, discernible and appealing to the masses. Pig&Dan have proved that whether they are performing on stage or grinding in the studio, their energy and power is consistently growing.  2016 was a huge year for the two producers. As they toured the globe playing on the world’s most acclaimed stages, they also celebrated a top ranking in the overall and techno genres on Beatport earned with the track “Growler.” Pig&Dan also issued the album, Modular Baptist, that year on their own imprint, ELEVATE. This album was praised as evidence of their sensory and auditory skills and diversity, and rose quickly to the top spot on the Beatport release charts.

Pig&Dan have played the stages of Tomorrowland and Nocturnal Wonderland alongside talents such as Deadmau5, Adam Beyer, and John Digweed. The duo have also performed their sets at renowned clubs across the globe, like Ushuaia Ibiza and Techno Haven in New York. Igor and Dan have experienced great success in collaborating with other artists and releasing work with a variety of labels, again showcasing their diversification. These highlights include, but are not limited to, their work with Adam Beyer’s Drumcode in issuing their Mexico EP and their collaboration with Monika Kruse on her label, Terminal M. Since 2016, Pig&Dan have announced and debuted an album, along with singles and EPs, every year since 2019. And even more, they came out with not one, but three albums in 2022: Destination Unknown 2, 20 Years: Pig&Dan, and 20 Years: Pig&Dan (edited and reworked).

Pig&Dan’s priority is and will always be the music, music that pushes boundaries and brings people together to have momentous shared experiences.

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