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Emerging as a beacon in the contemporary Colombian DJ scene, The Consciousness is an artist deeply influenced by the rich techno, trance, and minimal themes of the 90s. This influence isn't merely an echo of the past; it's a revival and reimagination, bringing a freshness that resonates with today's house music enthusiasts.

Having played at a series of renowned venues, The Consciousness's resume boasts of performances at prominent festivals such as Story Land 2017. Clubs like Baum Bogota, Radio Berlin, Vlak, Vagabond, and Klan 31 have also witnessed his electrifying sets. Extending his reach beyond Colombia, he has ignited the dance floors of Ground Zero Miami and TBA Brooklyn, as well as underground raves in cities including New York, Boston, and Miami.

The year 2022 marks a significant milestone for The Consciousness as he prepares to embark on his first European tour. This venture promises to further cement his reputation on the global stage and introduce his unique sound to a broader audience.

When it comes to music production, The Consciousness's journey is both noteworthy and evolving. His initial standalone EP carved the path, leading to significant releases such as the "Elements EP" on Black Lines Recordings in 2020 and the "Boston EP" on Klinik Room Recordings in 2021. Demonstrating his entrepreneurial flair, he launched the Experience Label in early 2021. This imprint, a sub-brand of the larger @ Experience Collective, showcases his vision for the future of techno and minimal music.

Beyond just music production and DJing, The Consciousness has made significant contributions to the house music scene through his collective, Experience. Organizing events across the US in cities like Boston and New York, and back home in Bogota, he is dedicated to creating spaces where techno and minimal music thrive.

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