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Will Renuart is a funky DJ, gregarious club owner, avid vinyl collector, and the unofficial music man of Miami. As the original dreamer and resident DJ at The Electric Pickle, he turned the club’s brand and infectious sound into a worldwide phenomenon. Another club venue (and now a restaurant?) later, and Renuart has firmly established himself as one of the patriarchs of Floridian dance music.

Renuart is a DJ that's constantly evolving. As one of the South’s best crate diggers, he’s always on the lookout for fresh, new vinyl he can bring to the dancefloor. Avid listeners of his sets can hear the genuine care that goes into his music selections. After growing up in Miami's techno and acid house heyday, he would go on to open the Electric Pickle in 2009. His hands-on approach to club owning saw him involved in everything from sound and design to deciding what the club’s next theme would be. His own sets blend disco, house, electro, and techno all with playful seamlessness that enchants his dancers. He obviously did something right, as he would eventually throw parties with the likes of Wolf + Lamb, Harvey, Claude Von Stroke, Dixon, Mathew Jonson, Cassy, and Toro Y Moi. After cementing its reputation as one of the best clubs in the world, The Electric Pickle closed after a decade-long run.

Hot on the Pickle’s success, Renuart wasted no time opening ATV (Addicted to Vinyl) Records, a Miami-based dance club and record shop. While the physical ATV nightclub also closed sadly earlier this year, it resurrected as Wax Your Cracks, a new vinyl-only record label for techno and house music. Never one to stop a party, he’s also recently spearheaded the touring company Where Are My Keys. In lieu of his previously fixed party spots, his Where Are My Keys parties now travel to choice destinations around the world creating unique events. Though his hallowed brick-and-mortars are sorely missed, his new mobile parties mean everyone can get a taste of the Pickle, no matter where they live.

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