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DJ Holographic, a one-woman funk machine from Detroit, has carved a unique niche in the electronic music scene with her soulful and vibrant sets. Born and raised in the birthplace of techno, her musical journey is a representation of the city's rich legacy in shaping groundbreaking artists.

From a young age, DJ Holographic, also known as Ariel Corley, was immersed in a world of rhythm and beats. Her early foray into music saw her playing drums, a foundation that laid the groundwork for her deep understanding of rhythm and groove. This early exposure to music, coupled with the vibrant cultural backdrop of Detroit, fueled her passion and set her on a path to becoming a DJ.

DJ Holographic's career took a significant turn when she stepped into the underground dance and rave scenes of Detroit. Her residency at the Motor Lounge was a pivotal moment, placing her alongside notable DJs and exposing her to a wider audience. Her sets, known for blending house, funk, nu-disco, and techno, quickly garnered attention for their energy and ability to connect with the crowd.

Her talent and unique style led to performances at renowned clubs and festivals around the world. From Smartbar Chicago, Panorama Bar, Output, and beyond, DJ Holographic has thrilled crowds on some of the most hallowed dance floors. Her ability to blend genres seamlessly, coupled with her energetic presence behind the decks, has made her a favorite among dance music enthusiasts.

DJ Holographic's sound is characterized by its intricate acid lines, sharp drum patterns, and offbeat rave melodies. This distinctive style has resonated with DJs and dancers alike, from Detroit to Berlin, marking her as a significant figure in the electronic music landscape. Her mixes for series such as Beats In Space, Truants, MixMag, and The Bunker New York’s podcast further showcase her versatility and skill as a DJ.

In addition to her DJing prowess, DJ Holographic is also recognized for her contributions to the broader music community. Her involvement in various projects and collaborations reflects her commitment to the growth and evolution of electronic music.

As DJ Holographic continues to evolve and inspire, her story remains a compelling example of how passion, talent, and the influence of a city renowned for its musical heritage can converge to create an artist who truly stands out in the world of dance music. Her journey from the drum sets of Detroit to the global stages of music is not just a career trajectory but a narrative of dedication, innovation, and the unyielding power of rhythm.

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