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“For me, Now Here is about that, it is living and experiencing music with passion: to live the present now and here, to enjoy the moment to the full.”

Renowned DJ Paco Osuna is launching his Now Here residency at the world's top-rated club, Hï Ibiza, with an opening party that features him, Melanie Ribbe, and Manu Gonzalez. The party will take place every Tuesday from June 13th to October 3rd in the venue's Club Room, while the The Theatre room line-up has been curated by The Martinez Brothers.

Osuna's Now Here parties will also include other esteemed acts such as Nicole Moudaber, Latmun, Chris Stussy, Dennis Cruz, Mason Collective, and Ben Sterling, establishing a musical direction that Osuna promises to be the best version of NOW HERE. Expressing a blend of nervousness and excitement, Osuna stated he feels most at home at Hï Ibiza, signaling a promising season. The recognition of Hï Ibiza as DJ Mag's Top 100 Clubs poll winner for 2023 further solidifies the residency's potential for significant impact in the dance music scene.

From the vibrant streets of Spain to the pulsating dance floors of Ibiza, NOW HERE stands as a testament to Paco Osuna's illustrious journey. A brand born out of Paco's passion and vision, NOW HERE is more than just an event — it's a philosophy that calls on listeners to be present and immerse themselves deeply in the sonic experience.

Paco's love affair with music began early. At a tender age of 14, his innate talent was recognized, allowing him to host a party at the iconic Studio 54 in Barcelona, thanks to an opportunity presented by his uncle. Turning away from the family's traditional career trajectories, Paco faced resistance but remained unwavering in his dedication to music, earning respect and admiration in the process.

Throughout his career, Paco has been a beacon of innovation. Each track he crafts is a culmination of his deep understanding of electronic music's nuances. His association with revered labels like Plus8, Minus, and Mood further cemented his stature. Yet, it's Mindshake, his very own label, where Paco's creativity truly flourishes. Under Mindshake's banner, he's nurtured talents such as Cuartero, Carlo Lio, and Eats Everything, turning the label into a formidable platform in the techno scene.

Paco's ability to forge strong bonds within the industry is evident in his collaborations. Working with the likes of Marco Carola's Music On and joining hands with the fantastical elrow's Kaos Garden, he has showcased his versatility and the depth of his musical understanding.t attend but to feel, engage, and resonate with the beats.

Beyond the decks and studios, Paco Osuna has graced myriad prestigious stages across the globe. His performances, characterized by their energy and intimacy, have etched unforgettable moments in the memories of attendees.

Paco Osuna's journey, from a young boy in Spain to the mastermind behind NOW HERE, is a narrative of dedication, evolution, and a ceaseless love for music. It serves as an inspiration for both budding artists and ardent house music fans, reminding them of the profound connection between a DJ and his audience.

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