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Sep 26, 20226 PM

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Pilar Lopez

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It seems like only yesterday that Circoloco's community, made of real party-lovers, celebrated its 23rd anniversary, and now, we are on the countdown to the final dances of the season. Due to 'circumstances out of its control,' DC10 was forced to suspend the music in the garden after the latest requests of the municipality of Sant Josep to reduce the decibels and had to redirect artists and attendees to the indoor rooms: Terrace and Main Room.

The Circoloco festival goes from 6 pm to 6 am, and it used to kick off in the garden before the restrictions. It was otherworldly to see planes fly overhead while dancing as the sun sets. But that's no problem. We can still wear sunglasses as the sun shines through the terrace windows, explore the whole venue during the first hours and try to find your best spot before it gets too crowded. Hanging out in the garden for some fresh air is still an option, though.

Dressing up was once an unofficial prerequisite to attendance, but you can still find an array of clown costumes, red noses, or multi-colored wigs all around.

Ibiza's mecca for clubbers and Circoloco's home in Ibiza was once a modest aircraft hangar nearby Las Salinas' salt flats and still, to this day, retains all of the spirit of its rebellious origins.

The venue is reminiscent of the original hedonistic vibes of partying in Ibiza: No dancers, no extravagance, and without the aid of PR, just raw beats by some of the best artists in the world.

Circoloco is a party truly off the scale with "no soul for sale," and a weekly roster made up of the finest names in the underground scene. For this week's gathering, regulars like Tania Vulcano, the first female to perform at Circoloco when it all started, or the Italian DJ Sossa can't be missed. Ibiza veterans and heavyweights Loco Dice -whose career has taken off the back of DC10- and Irish DJ and producer Mano Le Tough are also ready for a last cameo in their favorite club.

Swiss techno duo Adriatique consisting of Adrian Shala and Adrian Schweizer, repeat under the Clown's roof for the last time this season. Their imprint Siamese is a reflection of the duo's inseparable nature since they met back in 2008.

With Butch, you never know what to expect as the firmly established German DJ always offers unpredictable yet fresh and unique sets.

Aaron and Felix, aka FJAAK, move around the field of drums, synthesizers, samplers, and analog techno.

Gerd Janson's last gig in Ibiza will bring his exquisite taste in disco cuts.

The one-of-a-kind Honey Dijon plays tracks that are a constant reminder of her roots as a Chicago native, together with her prolific presence and contagious energy.

The young house music maker Jaden Thompson is driven by catchy hooks, strong bass lines, and unique sounds.

Multi-instrumentalist and graduated school musician Jimi Jules joins the list to throw the best of house and techno and beyond.

Techno from Paris comes from the hands of the duo behind the name KAS:ST.

Paramida is a female DJ worth hearing who mixes elements from trance, ambient music, nu-disco, deep, progressive house, and acid and hosts her one-off appearance in Ibiza.

Roi's multifaceted sets cover a wide range of styles and genres where house and techno converge with electro and disco music.

A musical marathon with so many artists focused on the most passionate clubbers where nothing can go wrong.

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