Satori A Starry Night Closing event artwork

Satori A Starry Night Closing

Oct 6 - Oct 7, 2022
Club Chinois

Eivissa, Spain

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Sep 21, 2022

Tiffany Bennett

2 min read

Live sensation Satori is bringing A Starry Night to Club Chinois one more time for the closing party on October 6th.

The intimate setting of Club Chinois is perfect to immerse yourself in Satori’s mix of live music, percussion, and electronic beats.

The opulent club will be transformed with staging inspired by Van Gogh’s The Starry Night and a musical journey that crosses genres in the most organic way possible.

Satori is no stranger to the Marina Botafoch venue after previously hosting a night at Club Chinois’ predecessor, Heart in 2019. Since then, both the club and the artist have developed themselves and elevated to the next level, but the partnership still stands strong.

This year, the 3000m2 space that was Heart has been taken over and transformed by Island Hospitality. The team behind London’s iconic nightspot Park Chinois have brought their decadent, 1930s-inspired concept to the White Isle. The elegant venue has played host to some incredible names for their official first season, including Themba, Sven Vath, and Luciano. The 2022 summer season has been amazing for the venue in its first year and shows great promise for 2023, with emphasis on impeccable service, and an inventive cocktail list, and world-class entertainment.

Not only will there be lots of live improvisation from Satori’s performance, but you will also be treated to tracks from his recent album Dreamin Colours, which was recorded live at Ibiza’s Sonic Vista Studios. He’ll be joined by Be Svendsen and Sora for the closing party.

Satori is a multi-instrumentalist and singer who performs all of his music live. He got his big break at Heart back in 2015 and later for WooMooN at Cova Santa in 2016. Every live performance of his starts as a blank canvas, on which he builds tracks with his keyboard, drum machine, flute, guitar, and synth - as well as running two laptops full of sounds that he has carefully crafted.

Be Svendsen is a Danish DJ and producer known for his hypnotic live performances full of genre-bending sounds. He’s played festivals such as BOOM, Fusion, Burning Man, Symbiosis, Rainbow Serpent, and AfrikaBurn.

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