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Mar 15, 2022

Carolina Quijano

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New York DJ, CID, has steadily made a name for himself throughout the years. He’s an in-demand producer with a love and passion for dance music that’s been evident since day one. He’s a two-time Grammy nominee in the Best Remix Recording category, and in 2014 he won for his co-production of Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” remix.

But how much do you really know about CID? Did you know that his name is actually Cid, Carlos Cid to be exact? Cid’s his last name and he grew up with people calling him just that, so it seemed apropos for a DJ name. He’s of Spanish descent, with his family hailing from Spain, but he was born in Queens, New York. He started DJing at the tender age of 12, taking buses throughout the New York boroughs to various record shops so he could spend the day crate digging.

His aptitude for music was clear, even at such a young age and he caught the attention of top NY DJs who were intrigued by him and his enthusiasm. That led him to hone his craft and soon he joined the ranks of those top DJs. He can totally hold his own against top tier talent, yet he, like anyone else, still has those artists he looks up to and one day hopes to work with. His ultimate dream collaboration? Daft Punk, because of course it is. Green Velvet, Riton, Claude VonStroke, Benny Blanco, and Calvin Harris also made that list, which shows game recognizes game. 

And game really does recognize game, as CID’s talents have led him to where he is today; fully appreciated and working with some of the biggest names in dance music. He’s got so many collaborations under his belt, we thought we’d pick some of our favorites and list them here for you.  

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Alex Adair - Make Me Feel Better (Don Diablo & CID Remix)

First up is frequent collaborator Don Diablo. Together, he and CID have teamed up for countless remixes together, each more fire than the last, it’s kind of hard to just pick one. In my mind, the remix deserving the most of recognition is “Make Me Feel Better” by English producer, DJ and remixer Alex Adair. Released in 2015, this track was THE hit of the summer. It was a global phenomenon, played on many major radio stations. With its infectious sound, energetic vocals and quality mastering, it’s no wonder “Make Me Feel Better” is a certified anthem. 

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Kaskade & CID - Us

Also making this list is Kaskade, as he and CID collaborated together for not one, but TWO tracks, “Us” and “Sweet Memories.” For this instance, we’ll feature the earlier track, “Us.” Released in 2015, “Us” is a song about intimacy and young love. The ethereal lyrics, beautiful melody and chunky basslines make for one upbeat song. The official video for this song really fits the lyrics, bringing so much hope while depicting a raw, real-life love story of a family in the Philippines. The harmony, energy and overall vibe truly make for one feel-good song. 

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CID - Secrets ft. Conrad Sewell

CID started 2017 off with a bang as he teamed up with Australian singer/songwriter Conrad Sewell for their collaborative track “Secrets.” This stirring single touches on the feelings that secrets can evoke: the willingness to do almost anything for another person, sometimes even at the detriment of yourself.  The video breathes new life into the lyrics sung by Sewell, telling the story of a lover experiencing hardship, who, despite all that, keeps their promises as best they can.  Together, Sewell and CID create a song that is reminiscent of The Weeknd, and find just the perfect balance between delicate lyrics and bouncy house bass.

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Galantis - Pillow Fight (Galantis & CID VIP Mix)

Galantis' music puts smiles on people’s faces. This Swedish duo has incredible talent and a vast expertise of dance-pop. Their 2017 song, “Pillow Fight” is a euphoric anthem already on its own,  so when CID was brought on, he helped take it to that next level with a VIP remix. This rendition leans even more into dance music, adding the original male vocal, epic build-ups and heavier bass. This song is the ideal creation for these two, showcasing their connection in the best possible way.  

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CID - Believer ft. CeeLo Green

2017 was a big year for CID and collaborations. This time, he teamed up with Cee-Lo Green for “Believer,” a cheerful, hopeful song all about love. “Believer” debuted to the world at a time when faith in humanity was at an all time low, and it’s inspirational and catchy sound, plus the animated video full of imagination, was just what the world needed. Trust me when I say this song has the perfect beat to tap your feet. If you’re needing a mood booster or a little more positivity in your life, “Believer” is just the song for you. 

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CID & VINNE - Take Your Place

For this next collaboration, CID teams up with Brazilian Bass master Vinne for 2018’s “Take Your Place,” released on Tiesto’s label, Musical Freedom. CID himself describes this song as a ‘dancefloor weapon’ and let me tell you, he’s not wrong. This track has it all- trippy vocals, glitched out beats, a sick drop and dirty dirty basslines. It’s the quintessential blend of styles and really showcases just what these two talented producers can really do. 

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CID x Riddim Commission - ME N U 

Riddim Commission and CID came together in 2019 for “Me N U,” which samples the classic Cassie track, “Me & U.” This collaboration really melded both Riddim Commission’s and CID’s styles entirely, what with CID’s ability to stand out and Riddim Commission’s ability of mashing together different genres. Released on CID’s Night Service Only label, this song has a bouncy melody, big basslines and just an all around good vibe. Perfect for CID’s label, “Me N U” is the ultimate dancefloor banger and will instantly put a smile on your face as soon as the first note hits. 

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Loud Luxury x CID - Nights Like This

Next up is the 2020 collaboration between duo Loud Luxury and CID, “Nights Like This.” This pairing is a match made in heaven as these guys are true party-starters and really know how to get the crowd moving. And their creation? An uplifting track full of good vibes and nostalgia, reminiscent of all those times, or nights, you never want to forget. This song really makes you think about the small stuff, savoring each and every moment. 

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Dombresky & CID - R.E.A.L

In 2021, Dombresky linked up with CID and gave us “R.E.A.L,” a song that walks the fine line between tech house and funky house. Using old-school hip-hop samples, “R.E.A.L is nostalgia wrapped in house music. The familiar melodies and memorable lyrics are like an old, long lost friend. Couple that with thumping bass and the innovative take on the classics, and you’ve got yourself a banger. 

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Lana Del Rey vs Cedric Gervais 'Summertime Sadness' Remix

And of course we couldn’t make a list about CID collaborations without including the one that led to his first Grammy.  In 2014, Cedric Gervais was commissioned to remix Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” and CID helped co-produce it. Obviously it was a match made in heaven and the remix was a great success. CID and Gervais took Del Rey’s melancholic track and turned it into a club hit. The contrast between Del Rey’s haunting lyrics and allure, and the exultant incorporation of house make for a unique sound that is sure to destroy dancefloors. 

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