5 Reasons You Should Check Out Super Flu's Monaberry Imprint

Apr 26, 2022

Jonah Flint

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It’s clear from their nonsensical self-written bio that German duo Super Flu doesn’t take themselves too seriously. It's a hilariously written string of non-sequiturs and indecipherable statements.

“Welcome to the world where crispy baked bass drums give the keynote, where Momratzn twitch to tweaking hi-hats and speech bubbles wave engaging basses to you!?" It begins. "Do you falter on making a tough decision? Super Flu recommend you garlic bread rolls and 6-minute-boiled eggs!”

The duo don't subscribe to any convention, as further evidenced in their wide-ranging fifteen-year catalog. Their genre-fluid approach puts a playful spin on the art of DJing and producing underground music. Mathias and Felix of Super Flu have described their sound as “eco-house with fair-trade techno elements.” In other words, they make tasty music.

Super Flu have made their impact on the scene in many different ways. Their label Monaberry is notorious in the underground world of electronic music, helping artists that would otherwise be too left of center to sign elsewhere to break out well before international recognition.

Founded in 2009, Monaberry was Super Flu’s answer to the gauntlet of record label A&R. Frustrated by the implications of having to cater to specific labels' sounds, Mathias and Feliks decided that starting their own label would allow them to be independent and create whatever music they wanted. Furthermore, it has served as an opportunity for them to identify rising talent, helping prominent artists like Andhim and Monkey Safari find their footing and reach a wider audience.

Below are our five selections from the uniquely independent Monaberry record label.

Super Flu & Andhim - Reeves

The title track of this EP, “Reeves,” marked the beginning of Andhim’s introduction to the world of underground music. Simon Haehnel and Tobias Müller started making music together in 2010, and just two years later, Super Flu spotted their immense talent and collaborated with them on this breakout EP.

Super Flu - Go

One of Super Flu’s most notable tracks, “Go,” is a prime example of what we’ve come to expect from the eclectic pair. A slow roller with a scintillating bassline that has listeners grooving from its opening seconds, “Go” breaks down into husky impassioned vocals that remind listeners of a rock & roll song without any of the percussive elements. It sounds like a winding psychedelic trip through a far-off desert.

Super Flu & Monkey Safari - Halle Halle

Similar to their relationship with Andhim, Super Flu was also instrumental in Monkey Safari’s origin story. Also beginning their careers in 2010, Monkey Safari had scant releases and limited success.

Super Flu plucked them from obscurity and collaborated on an EP released in 2011 titled Eutreph. The lead single “Halle Halle” relies on distorted percussion and heavy sub-bass to create a techno groover.

Diva Halle - Super Flu & Angelov

When it comes to identifying rising talent, Super Flu continues to do the business. In 2021 they released “Diva Halle” with Angelov. The young Solomun protege regularly releases on Diynamic. “Diva Halle” is a superb effort from the tenured Super Flu and newcomer Angelov, bringing both artists' signature synth lines to a seven-minute track that screams for big room plays.

Super Flu - Re Nue

Another track from the Go EP, “Re Nue,” is a beautiful construction from the German duo. A more stripped-back approach prompts a track suited for the early morning hours in a small club or outdoor sunrise party, with tropical sounds interspersed throughout a compelling drum pattern.

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