Will Clarke Shares His Essential Classic Techno Tracks

Oct 19, 2021

Alexander Dias

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Will Clarke, the bearded Britt with the pounding techno beats has completely reshaped his career over the last two years. His shift from Dirtybirdesque house to thumping techno, with a purpose, has been effortless. And the veteran DJ and producer is clearly in the most comfortable space of his career. Releases like "U Take Me Higher," "Hallelujah," and "My Church" (with MK) have proven his aptitude for crafting warehouse-ready cuts that are body rocking and emotionally reverent.

“I'm trying to write songs that have a bit of a meaning,” Clarke told Gray Area earlier this year.

He also revealed his dance music origin story. He was first inspired to DJ after seeing 90s icons Faithless perform when he was still quite young. Clarke began DJing as a teenager. And with such a long history, the thought occurred to us that he'd be the perfect person to tap for a playlist of classic techno cuts. His knowledge of dance music is deep, so we knew his list would be a treat. You can check out what he has to say about his favorite jams below, and listen to the playlist via Spotify.

Joey Beltram - Mentasm (1991)

“Absolute belter, I've always loved what Joey did for the techno scene way before I was even working in the genre. However, I recently met him and he’s such a lovely dude which just made it all even better. Do meet your idols, it's key."

Laurent Garnier - Crispy Bacon (1997)

“This came out in 1997, I was seven and it still sounds fucking amazing today and better than most techno tracks currently being released.  If there was an Electronic Music Hall Of Fame, Laurent would be the first person to be inducted”

Maceo Plex - Conjure Sex (2014)

“More of a modern day classic for me, this record just hits different on the dancefloor. Maceo is current day god, everything he touches is unreal."

Jeff Mills - The Bells (1996)

“Do I really need to explain why I love this record? Nope didn't think so”

MK - Burning (1992)

“Yes to all the techno snobs out there saying this isn't techno. No shit Sherlock! It's still better than any record out there and was released 20 years ago”

Bobby Peru, Paul Woolford - Erotic Discourse (Dense & Pika Remix) [2008]

“The original is fucking solid but I remember hearing this in a club once and falling in love with it. It started my love for the Dense & Pika boys who I personally think are some of the best producers around today”

Plastikman - Spastik (1993)

“So simple yet so beautiful, the first time I heard this I was a little confused but after a few listens I was sold, absolute genius record”

Burial - Archangel (2007)

“I have spent many nights in the studio listening to this whole album, it brings back so many memories of when I first started going to Ibiza and I would play his records during the sunset. Again, not quintessential techno but an absolute masterpiece.”

Green Velvet - Stalker (1996)

“I have loved this record for years, played it many times and although its 13:24 long it always amazes me how it doesnt get boring and slams every time”

DVS1 - Black Russian (2014)

“From the first time I heard this I knew it was special and to this day its one of my go to records to put me in a good mood, I love it and it works soooo well on the dancefloor”

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