5 Reasons Why Time Warp USA Was Worth the Wait

Tyler Allix

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5 Reasons Why Time Warp USA Was Worth the Wait

Time Warp USA allowed techno lovers to bask in all the enchantment that typically goes down at their flagship events in Germany amidst the beautiful New York City skyline. The renowned festival took place right in the heart of Brooklyn's thriving electronic dance music scene at the esteemed Brooklyn Navy Yard warehouse. Following previously successful renditions of the leading indoor techno festival in the city that never sleeps. The Time Warp USA production completely exceeded our expectations, and we're still buzzing from the beauty of it all.

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After missing out on all of the festival's glory last year, there's no way this year's grand return of the highly-awaited festival on this side of the Atlantic wouldn't come back even more incredible than ever before. From the moment we walked into the venue and heard that first rolling techno bassline, there was just something wondrous in the air. We could feel it.

From the gate, the energy radiating throughout the venue was palpable, vibes were unmatched, and it was apparent that every single attendee in sight was ready for the immersive two-day adventure full of nothing but the pure, soulful techno that was about to go down. While there are a plethora of reasons why Time Warp USA 2021 ranks at the top of our list, read on to learn the top five reasons the indoor techno spectacle completely exceeded our expectations.

A Stunning Wide Array of Talent

As per usual, Time Warp USA was a top contender for many North American techno lovers simply because of its phenomenal lineup of artists. As a leading international festival, Time Warp remains consistent with its exceptional selection of astounding talent. This year, attendees were blessed with techno icons Ricardo Villalobos, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Pan-Pot, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettman, Nina Kraviz, Richie Hawtin, Reiner Zonneveld, Stephan Bodzin, Adriatique, and many more. It's unique to encounter a two-day indoor festival of this range in The States with a lineup as impressive as this.

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Even in Techno, There is Diversity

If you're a true techno snob, you know that an abundance of distinct sub-genres exists under the techno umbrella, and Time Warp USA displayed that impeccably all weekend long. Techno has no boundaries, and getting to witness such extensive, mesmerizing soundscapes for two days straight was invigorating. There's nothing quite like going from being utterly mind-blown at an electrifying, hardcore DJ set to then feeling chills going down your spine while soaking up the beauty of a live instrumental ensemble just a few minutes later. The flawless intertwining of DJ sets and live performances across both floors throughout the weekend really did it for us, and we have the festival's ideal programming to thank for that.

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Two DJs are Better Than One

This was the case with all of the extraordinary b2b sets we witnessed at Time Warp last weekend. Most artists on the finalized lineup are legends in the game, each bringing their specialized musical expertise to the table in their unique light. But when two first-class artists join forces on the decks and become one during a quality event such as Time Warp, everyone in attendance is bound to be left speechless. Witnessing Jamie Jones b2b Seth Troxler, Ben Klock b2b Marcel Dettman, Ricardo Villalobos b2b Craig Richards, and Mink b2b O.Bee made our Time Warp USA experience more powerful. What a tremendous combination of dynamic duos!

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Stunning Production and Otherworldy Design

While many indoor festivals exist around the globe, Time Warp's futuristic production quality is astronomical compared to the rest. The time, effort, and dedication to create this mind-altering, otherworldly visual and audio experience for attendees were evident throughout the festival's duration. The production team did a remarkable job curating this innovative playground of light and video architecture for attendees to indulge in fully. No matter where in the festival we resided, all our senses became instantly enlightened as we completely transcended into another dimension. This hypnotizing sensory overload was only yet another fascinating element of the entire Time Warp USA experience.

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There's No Better Place For Techno Than A Brooklyn Warehouse

Vibes and location are essential, and nothing makes a festival stand out from the rest other than when these two components are completely in sync with one another. The festival's 2019 production took place in upper Manhattan. While that was a legendary experience of its own, there was something quite unusual about this recent 2021 edition that took place in the most industrialized part of Brooklyn. Something about a techno-driven festival of this magnitude taking place in a warehouse locale deep in an underground music-loving city such as Brooklyn made it just that much more intriguing. Techno lovers from all over the nation migrated to the city to share space, which is a beautiful concept.

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A music festival surpasses the rest for various reasons. Still, when attendees' and artists' energies align with the festival curators' intentions, that's when all the magic happens. If you've ever had the chance to partake in any previous Time Warp production, you know exactly what we mean by this. Time Warp never fails to leave both its attendees and performers in absolute awe, and this most recent techno-filled celebration in the states was nothing short of legendary. Until next time Time Warp USA!