GoodSex Share the Best of Chicago's House Music Community

Sep 9, 2021

Alexander Dias

2 min read

Colin Tyler and Joe Domingo pulled double duty at ARC Music Festival. Both as the DJ duo GoodSex and as co-conspirators in charge of the ARC Car. Otherwise known as the GoodBus, the art car was central to the festival grounds. It's made from a reclaimed 45-foot school bus purpose-built for spreading positive energy and bangin’ beats. The 10,000-watt four-point VOID audio was at the center of the action and was the perfect spot to enjoy the vibes of a barrage of top-tier local talent.

The GoodBus is an extension of the GoodSex brand of hip-moving beats that defy genre lines. Tyler and Domingo are staples in Chicago and hold residencies at some of its most iconic venues including, Primary and Spybar. They exemplify what makes ARC's production crew so special. A group of like-minded people with a deep love for dance music and the community surrounding it. Chicago is beautiful, vibrant, and united.

GoodSex was one of our first interviews of the weekend. Their sunny positivity, hilarious dynamic, and insight were a preview for the kind of hospitality we continued to receive throughout the weekend. Check out our chat with them. We discussed the importance of ARC’s first year in the birthplace of house music, what makes Chicago such a dope city, and shared some laughs.

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