Disclosure for Cercle

Disclosure for Cercle

Jonah Flint

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The Cercle Story In 5 Sets

Most electronic music fans have heard of the legendary French company, Cercle. They’re known for curating exclusive musical experiences in incredible locations and making it their priority to highlight artists and the most beautiful cultural sights around the world. The brand truly took off during the COVID shutdowns, as they stood in a class of their own regarding high-quality live streams. However, the journey to putting on sets with world-class DJs at historic landmarks was by no means easy or quick.

Cercle got its start in 2016. Their first events took place in a living room, with a small group of friends hanging out behind the DJ in what appears to be someone’s house. Although they quickly progressed into real venues, they were still focused primarily on highlighting local French talent.

Adriatique at Signal 2108 Alpe d'Huez in the Alps, France for Cercle

Adriatique at Signal 2108 Alpe d'Huez in the Alps, France for Cercle

Cercle YouTube

When digging through the Cercle archives, it is clear that the Cercle team has an incredible eye for talent, which is one of many reasons why they have had such success growing their brand. Time and time again, Cercle has booked acts well before they blow up and is constantly at the cutting edge of electronic music. From Charlotte De Witte in 2017 to Boris Brejcha and Polo & Pan in 2018, their eye for rising stars is undeniable.

Although we now associate Cercle sets exclusively with historic landmarks, their first event of this sort was Boris Brejcha at the Château de Fontainebleau. It was a truly remarkable space to host an event. Moreover, it was somewhat of a coming-out party for the brand and Boris Brejcha, gaining 35 million views on Youtube, a substantial departure from the 300-500 thousand they’d received on prior streams.

Gorgon City (live) - Skywalk | The Last Cercle Story | Season 1

Gorgon City (live) - Skywalk | The Last Cercle Story | Season 1

Cercle YouTube

Since then, Cercle has continued to establish itself as a brand artists love to play for, and a true force in the events world. They are a team accustomed to working through challenges and paying attention to the fine details. They plan shows years in advance and produce live streams through immense technical challenges.

Eelke Kleijn spoke about his experience playing for Cercle in an interview with Gray Area.

“We talked to them for almost two years in advance. It had been 1.5 years since I’d played a live show anywhere. It was quite a challenge. I spent four weeks leading up to the show just playing the show at home and rehearsing at least three times a day. Cercle is truly live, so any mistakes will be there forever.

Eelke Kleijn live at Mont Saint-Michel in Manche, France for Cercle

“I had not seen a crowd in front of me for so long and then all of a sudden you’re in France with a huge team working on the show. It was overwhelming. When it was done, it was satisfying.”

Any fan of electronic music can sink hours upon hours into watching Cercle sets. Below are our five favorite selections from their extensive catalog.

Boris Brejcha at Grand Palais in Paris 2020

Coming off of a breakout set with Cercle in 2018, Boris Brejcha returned in 2020 as a massive star. Playing in the glorious Grand Palais in Paris, Boris takes the crowd on a true journey through his extensive catalog, showcasing to the world that he is here to stay.

Boris Brejcha at Grand Palais in Paris, France for Cercle

FKJ Live at Salar de Uyuni 2019

Perhaps one of the most unique sets Cercle has ever produced, FKJ at the Bolivian salt flats, is a masterpiece. A departure from the typical sounds of Cercle, FKJ brings his incredible talent to one of the first crowdless shows Cercle put on. Playing on what looks like a mirror, FKJ stands alone against an endless backdrop, serenading the listener with his soothing sounds.

FKJ live at Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia for Cercle

Carl Cox at Chateau De Chambord in France 2019

When the king shows up, you listen. A Carl Cox set is a can’t-miss affair every time, and his performance for Cercle is no exception. Playing at sunset in front of a gorgeous castle, Carl Cox takes us through his classic tracks in a house-focused set, keeping the crowd moving every minute.

Carl Cox @ Château de Chambord in France for Cercle

Solomun at Theatre Antique d’Orange in France 2018

Another master of his craft, Solomun’s set for Cercle in 2018, was a big part of their breakout year. When legends play for your brand, the people notice. This Solomun set was one for the ages, as he brought his top-level track selection to the iconic Theatre Antique d’Orange in France.

Solomun @ Théâtre Antique d'Orange in France for Cercle

Disclosure at Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia 2020

The worldwide COVID shutdowns allowed Cercle to pivot its brand. They continued to perform shows without crowds, going to more extravagant places each time out. Furthermore, it allowed the brand to target in-demand artists such as Disclosure. Disclosure played their first live set in ages for Cercle above the glorious Plitvice Lakes in Croatia. This was not one to miss.

Disclosure at Plitvice Lakes National Park, in Croatia for Cercle