The Soundscaper: A Candid Interview with Tal Fussman

May 29, 2024

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Tal Fussman, a talented DJ, producer, and label owner, hails from Herzliya, Israel, but now calls Berlin home. Known for his genre-defying sound that blends house, jazz, and '80s intergalactic disco, Fussman has established himself as a reputable name in the music scene. His journey from playing guitar in bands to becoming a prominent figure in house music was sparked by a pivotal moment at The Block in Tel Aviv, where he was inspired by Rodhad’s performance.

Currently, Tal Fussman runs his own label, Survival Tactics, which serves as a platform for his innovative music. His approach and openness to various sounds have earned him international recognition, with releases on renowned labels like Innervisions, Drumpoet, and Laurent Garnier’s Cod3 QR. Now residing in Berlin, Fussman continues to evolve his sound, drawing inspiration from the city's exquisite and open music scene.

In this exclusive interview, Tal Fussman shares insights into his musical path, his process, and his vision for the future. Join us as we delve into the mind of this genre-transcending artist and explore the influences and experiences that shape his music.

Can you describe your first experience with electronic music and how it influenced your career?

I started DJing when I was 15 but was playing mostly commercial electronic music. The pivotal moment in my career was when I went to The Block in Tel Aviv and heard Rodhad play.

What inspired you to transition from playing in bands to producing electronic music?

It wasn't a transition; at the time, I was doing both. But at some point, I just started producing more and more electronic music, so I stopped playing in bands.

How does the music scene in Berlin compare to Tel Aviv?

Both are very good scenes. Berlin is more open in terms of music, sexuality, etc. The no-photo policy in Berlin makes a big difference.

Can you share a bit about the philosophy behind your label, Survival Tactics?

A platform for me to release electronic music that is not bounded or defined by genre.

What role do live performances play in your creative process?

Good live shows always give a lot of inspiration.

How do you approach creating a set for a new audience?

I always seek new music and sort my Rekordbox, but I never create/prepare a specific set. It's always improvisation.

What’s your favorite piece of gear or software in your studio right now?

Elektron Analog Rytm MKII.

How do you balance your time between producing music and running your label?

To be honest, I'm still learning as I go. It's tough, but I have a team that helps me with all the administrative stuff, so that takes a lot off my back.

Who are some up-and-coming artists you’re excited about right now?

Paul Roux, Skatman, Hard to Tell.

What do you enjoy most about the creative process?

Losing the feel of time and space while I'm in a creative state.

If you could perform at any venue or festival in the world, where would it be?

Panorama Bar.

What’s a fun fact about you that your fans might not know?

I play too much PlayStation.

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