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Tal Fussman, a DJ, producer, and label owner from Herzliya, Israel, has made a name for himself in the music world. Known for his genre-transcending sound, Tal's music seamlessly blends house, jazz, and intergalactic '80s disco, making it adaptable to any setting and widely loved by diverse audiences.

Tal's musical journey began at age 10 when he picked up the guitar, eventually playing in various bands. His transition to electronic music was sparked at 18 after frequent visits to The Block in Tel Aviv, a renowned nightclub that inspired his shift in musical direction.

Today, residing in Berlin, Tal continues to evolve his sound, drawing inspiration from artists like Ross From Friends, Jimi Jules, and Ditian. His releases on labels such as Survival Tactics, Innervisions, Drumpoet, and Laurent Garnier’s Cod3 QR have made significant waves in the house and techno scenes.

In addition to his DJ and production work, Tal Fussman owns the label Survival Tactics, where he supports and promotes emerging talents. His dedication to nurturing new artists reflects his commitment to the music community.

Tal's music, characterized by its eclectic mix of genres, offers listeners a unique auditory journey. His track "Tell Me All About It," born from an iPhone recording, exemplifies his innovative approach to music production.

Currently, Tal is working on two EPs and several remixes, spending his days in the studio creating new music. Beyond music, he finds joy in good food and quality time with friends and family.

With his sharp, evolving sound and unwavering passion, Tal Fussman continues to leave an indelible mark on global dance floors, promising more exciting adventures in his musical career.

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