Tracksuits and Turntables: The Moksi Method

Apr 30, 2024

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Name an artist who has been around for ages, released a few timeless bangers that still work today as club weapons, owns one too many bucket hats, drips out in tracksuits, and is from the Netherlands. His name is Moksi, and he's struck many chords in the music industry. Known for his tasteful style, both in music and fashion—sporting '90s tracksuits and bucket hats inspired by UK club sounds and American hip-hop—Moksi brings an unmistakable energy to his performances. With hits like “Gypsy” and “Slow Burn” from his album The Return Of House Music moving fans both emotionally and physically for years now around the globe, Moksi has demonstrated a rare ability to connect through music, from festival stages to intimate moments in listeners' lives.

In our exclusive interview, Moksi shares insights into the story behind his latest album "Moksi Crew," a tribute to his fans who have journeyed with him since his debut. He also delves into his approach to blending genres, curating music for his live sets, and the unexpected personal items that accompany him on tour. Join us as Moksi reveals the stories behind his stage wear choices, the organic success of his melodic hits, and his experiences with fans across the world, particularly the unmatched energy of U.S. crowds. Whether it’s cooking up timeless tracks or lighting up dance floors in iconic venues Moksi’s narrative is one of genuine connection and musical exploration.

How did the concept of "Moksi Crew" evolve during its creation?

Moksi Crew symbolizes the connection between me and the fans. We’ve been together on this journey since 2015, and I wanted to dedicate this album to them.

What's the story behind the choice of your distinctive stage wear, particularly the bucket hat and ‘90s tracksuit?

My music is heavily inspired by the UK club sound, and I'm also influenced a lot by the ‘90s USA hip-hop era. The combination of these two influences resulted in the tracksuit and the bucket hat. Besides that, it looks fresh, it is very comfy stage wear, to be honest. Would recommend it.

Can you describe the moment you realized "Gypsy" and "Slow Burn" were going to be massive hits?

The funny thing about this is that those two songs weren’t made to be hits. When I was making The Return Of House Music, I wanted a couple of melodic tunes on it besides the bass-heavy songs people know me for. Turns out, those songs were fan favorites. When I released the album, I noticed that they were streaming way better than the other songs.

I guess it's because they feel timeless to people. These are songs people can connect with at different times in their lives besides clubbing. I’ve been getting videos of people marrying to the songs, but also messages about how people found solace in hardship. Amazing to realize my music can achieve that. Proud!

How do you approach blending different genres, like house, bass, and techno, in your production process?

The truth is that most of the time I just throw cool sounds together, and something dope comes out the other end. My production process is based on an experimental level. I'm letting the process guide me, not the other way around. Sometimes a certain vocal or sound just screams for a certain approach, and I follow that. Sometimes I feel like the song already exists, but I just have to make it.

What has been the most memorable reaction from a crowd during one of your sets?

I think that USA crowds connect super well to my music; it seems that you guys make the show together with me. One memory is EZOO 2021. What a vibe that was.

What's your favorite secret weapon track to use during your sets?

Boom Shakalaka is the one. Always has been, and I feel like it always will be.

And finally, what’s the most unexpected item we’d find in your DJ bag?

I guess that would be an unhealthy amount of bucket hats. TSA has asked questions about it in the past.

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