Brazilian Superclub Surreal Slated to Open in December

Alicia Baron

Brazilian Superclub Surreal Slated to Open in December

A new artistic venue and musical space opens in Brazil next month. Surreal is a super music complex in an unprecedented 92,000 square meter event space located in the beautiful beach city of Camboriú.  

The promo videos of this space are breathtaking. The grounds feature multiple stages, bars, and food locations. It’s like a year-round festival in the making.   

"Very soon, everyone will be able to experience the surreal sensations that the new complex will offer." says founder Renato Ratier.   

Surreal was founded by the builders of D-Edge clubs in Rio de Janeiro and managed by Ratier, who has immense experience leading legendary clubs.

He shared about the space, "I spent ten years working hard and intensely, contributing to Warung's Beach Club growth to deliver the best possible experience. I now believe that my mission, along with the entire team was fulfilled. But music has been running through my veins since I was a child, so I am committed to continuing to grow electronic music in Brazil."

Surreal's three-day opening party is slated to begin on the 26th of December this year with over 30 heaters on the bill, featuring the likes of Agents of Time, HOSH, Wehbba, and Yaya. A further 33 events for 2022 are scheduled. Shortly after they will host the new installment of BPM Brazil.   

The website for Surreal with promo videos of the space can be viewed here. You can purchase tickets for all the events scheduled at Surreal here.