Gaston Steenkist of Chocolate Puma Announces End of Touring Career

Aug 11, 2021

Alexander Dias

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Gaston Steenkist, aka Dobre, of Chocolate Puma, announced his retirement from touring. The Dutch DJ and production duo have worked together for three decades. Their career is marked by dance floor destroying records like “Scrub The Ground” with DJ Fun and Tommie Sunshine and “Rebels On The Run” featuring Grace Tither.

“A lot has happened in my personal life since the beginning of this pandemic, both sad and beautiful things.” Steenkist said in his statement posted to the Chocolate Puma Twitter page.

“I feel very privileged that I was given the opportunity to travel the world and play for you guys. I feel very grateful and humbled that so many of you enjoyed our music. But in the end I felt the crazy tour life has taken a heavy toll on me, both mentally and physically. I have realized that being at home with my loved ones and being in a more quiet and structured environment made me a happier and healthier person.”

René ter Horst will continue to tour under the Chocolate Puma name. Steenkist will remain part of the duo in the studio. “Rene can’t wait to DJ again, to play our music and to represent Chocolate Puma on stages around the world, “ he said about his longtime partner and good friend.

He said he looks forward to more time writing music, diving deeper into new productions techniques and spending time with his family, something he has grown to appreciate more over the last year and a half with no dance floors. The pandemic has undoubtedly made many artists reevaluate what it means to spend more time on the road. With a touring schedule that requires many to spend 52 weekends of the year away from home, the last year offered time to reassess what’s truly important to them. And to get grounded with their mental health.

Steenkist’s bubbling energy will be missed, but he wants fans to understand that this only means that Chocolate Puma will live on and continue to level up.

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