Honey Dijon's Etsy Collection is a Celebration of Queer Culture

Alexander Dias

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Honey Dijon's Etsy Collection is a Celebration of Queer Culture

Trans DJ, producer, and advocate Honey Dijon launched a Creator Collab on Etsy celebrating queer culture. The 20 piece collection includes printed scarves, earrings, statement piece homeware, and playing cards created by women of color and queer artists.

The collection references cultural footnotes from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. The period of collective change within marginalized communities gave birth to the modern LGBTQ rights movement. The struggle of queer folks throughout this period was also the impetus for disco and dance music culture.

"What really draws me to that is when fashion and art reflect that social change, in the end, you have marginalized people creating their own music and culture,” she told Billboard. "I mean, two generations ago, we lost so many of the most highly creative people and the audience that appreciated these high art forms. So I try to investigate these times, not in a nostalgic way, but in a critical way, saying, 'How can we still celebrate these people in a modern way, and celebrate our culture in a modern way?'"

She intended to spark joy with each design. A noble mission in a time when happiness is in short order. Conversation-worthy pieces like the sculptural vessels from Hannah Simpson Studio pop with texture and vibrant, eye-catching color. The handmade vases are based on an iconic vogue dance move.

Dijon isn't comfortable paying lip service to activism for her people. She felt it was necessary to engage and support creators in an actionable way.

“As a trans woman of color, I think we need to start owning our narrative and celebrating ourselves and our creativity,” she says in a blog post for the Etsy collection. “All of my work is based on the experiences, the narratives, and the history of queer people of color, and it’s very important to keep that conversation alive.”

Check out the full collection here

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