Honey Dijon Turns David Bowie's 'Let's Dance' Into A Carnal Cut

Mar 17, 2023

Austin Miller

2 min read

Everyone loves a good remix. DJs love the near-guaranteed crowd reaction, and show-goers love the quick dose of connected familiarity. No matter who you are, a good remix just hits. House queen Honey Dijon's remix of David Bowie classic, "Let's Dance," ticks all the boxes and is sure to unite generations of music fans across the globe.

Forty years from its initial release, the seminal track receives an injection of new life as part of the Let's Dance (40th Anniversary Remix E.P.) commissioned by fitness company, Peloton. Honey turns the technicolor tune into a carnal tech-house cut fit for the deepest depths of the underground. While we often remember Bowie for his distinct elegance, this flip trades the vogue for the visceral.

The legendary single first came to life four decades ago. A trailblazing offering, the track was an amalgam of rock, post-disco, dance, funk, and new wave, even sampling the Beatles' hit, "Twist and Shout." With the help of Nile Rogers of Chic, Bowie concocted a tune that topped global charts upon release and has remained a staple in pop music culture ever since.

Honey Dijon joins Brazilian Electronic producer RQntz, as the EP's recruited artists. Honey had this to say about her new take on the timeless tune:

"My remix was not only influenced by my love of David Bowie, but by being a Peloton Member myself, I thought about what would inspire me to move my body and sweat, similarly to when I motivate a crowd to dance at a club. My interpretation of 'Let's Dance' is a true celebration of music and movement."

While there are a thousand ways to get your steps and reach your fitness goals, we at Gray Area prefer to get ours on the dance floor. So put on your red shoes, cue up Honey Dijon's Moonlight Remix, and "Let's Dance."

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