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Tresor Unveils Archival Book on Techno and Venue's Origin Story

Aug 18, 2022

Melisa Yuriar

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Techno blossomed in Berlin in the heyday of the early 90s, beginning with the genre's arrival at the famed Berlin club, Tresor. The club will release an archival book celebrating this rich history on September 9th, coinciding with the esteemed venue's 31st-anniversary festivities.

Tresor: True Stories is a treasure trove of first-hand accounts of the club's history, spanning over three decades of artifacts, personal anecdotes, and exclusive images.

The book includes event flyers, vintage record sleeves, and notable news clippings pulled from the club's archives. Boasting over 400 photographs by photographers Gustav Volker Horst, Marie Staggat, Oliver Wia, Susanne Deeken, Tilman Brembs, Wolfgang Brükner, Tresor: True Stories is the most extensive archival print work ever compiled by the institution.

Glossy-paged preview of the archival book.

Over 40 contributors were tapped for the specially curated book, giving detailed accounts of Tresor's origin story and the burgeoning techno movement that began in the 80s West Berlin. After the Berlin Wall fell, it proliferated through the underground and permeated above in clubs and venues that sprouted around a newly reunified Germany.

The repercussions of social and political movements were reflected in the music and culture of the times—Tresor: True Stories is a printed time capsule showcasing the humans and music that established techno's legacy in Berlin.

The new historical work will also include exclusive commentary from the institution's co-founders Dimitri Hegemann, Achim Kohlberger, Johnnie Stieler, and the late Regina Baer—whose recent death in July 2022 continues to be mourned by her Tresor family.

Tresor: True Stories features additional contributions from veteran DJs and Underground Resistance founders Jeff Mills and Mike Banks. Commentary by artists Carola Stoiber, Electric Indigo, Mark Reeder, and Alexandra Dröhner is also featured.

A handful of photos from the special project are available to preview below. Preorder the new archival work in English or German on Tresor's website.

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