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The Argentinean phenomenon event brand that is BRESH continues its global tour unabated for 2024.

Originating in Buenos Aires, it quickly spread across Argentina, making its mark throughout both the Americas. Extending its reach to Asia, the movement has also made waves in European cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, and London. But most importantly of all, it’s touching down once again in the music capital of the world, Ibiza.

Centered around Reggaeton and other Spanish-language rap genres, Bresh embodies the epitome of the vibrant energy and infectious rhythms of its native.

BRESH has also emerged as a hub for artists and influential figures from the new generation. It served as the after-party destination in Las Vegas following the Latin Grammy Awards and was the favored celebration for the Argentina National Team, victors of the recent World Cup Qatar 2022.

Currently, the festivities are a staple at some of the world's largest festivals, but is scheduled for a whole four months on the white isle, from June 6th to September 12th, at one of the island’s OG clubs, Amnesia Ibiza.

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