5 Bastian Bux Tracks You Should Know

Jan 10, 2023

Erin Cobby

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Bastian Bux has already carved out a wholly unique space in the world’s electronic music scene. The multi-award-winning DJ and producer has managed to perform in over 50 countries from Europe to the Middle East, is a regular at some of the world’s best festivals, and even has a residency with elrow - the world-famous immersive traveling party.

The secret to his success? Authenticity. Moving through housey grooves to heavy techno, Bux retains a strong sense of self. And while he is as eclectic as the music scene in his home city of Barcelona, he is also renowned for the precision of his craft.

Despite the skills his vast array of experience has granted him, his authenticity might actually be due to his time spent away from the decks. Having released a mainstream radio hit by his early 20s, Bux was left unfulfilled by the turn his career had taken. He decided to take a break, and even considered a career change, picking up graphic design and coding. During this time, he discovered how to make music just for himself and for fun. He would never have released this new music had friend and fellow DJ/Producer Coyu not called him up and convinced him to come back after hearing a sample.

The new name ‘Bastian Bux’ came from the film Never Ending Story, in which a character of the same name slowly loses his memories of the real world as he gets lost in a fantasy land. In a way, the opposite seems to have happened to the DJ, as this moniker helped him become his most authentic self.

Let’s listen to the five tracks that define Bastian Bux’s career - one which, without that phone call, might have been cut short.

1. Mulberry

His first release under his new moniker, “Mulberry,” is a tech house track from Bux’s debut EP Stay, which came out on Coyu’s Suara imprint. One of four tracks, the critically-acclaimed collection was his ticket to releasing under labels such as John Digweed’s Bedrock Records and Nicole Moudaber’s MOOD records. Take a listen to hear how his unique journey began.

2. Protest

2016 saw the release of the EP Protest. Clocking in at over eight minutes and also serving as Bux’s debut on MOOD, the eponymous track comprises flowing bass grooves and undulating echoes. This song was later part of the project MOOD50, a compilation of the best releases on the label to celebrate their 50th release.

3. Different Man

Bux’s top-ranking track on Spotify, “Different Man,” marks a return to the label on which he cut his teeth (the second time around), Suara. This darker track has a commanding yet haunting vocal hook. When combined with the steady undulating beat, it urges the listener to completion.

4. Flow

A move away from Bux’s pre-pandemic heavier techno sounds, “Flow” is a groovier yet almost chaotic track showing off Bux’s current leanings to a more modern house sound. The song came to fruition after fellow Spanish DJ Cuartero showed interest in Bux’s new direction via social media.

5. Jungle Kitty

“Jungle Kitty” is an excellent example of Bux’s minimal house flair. Featuring an addictive vocal hook and bursts of electro, this track was the first to be released on Bux’s label NEVERENDZ, marking an achievement the artist has longed for since starting his career.

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