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5 Brilliant Justin Martin & Eats Everything Collaborations

Mar 15, 2023

Ana Monroy Yglesias

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House-and-beyond heavy-hitters Eats Everything and Justin Martin first collabed a decade ago with the Feather Fight EP on Dirtybird Records. They've gone on to put out a string of collab singles and EPs, a few remixes.

This jovial pair definitely seem like brothers from across the pond. DJs who don't take themselves seriously, love to have fun, spread joy behind the decks, and produce and play a wide-range of dance music generally centered in house. Their sound and vibe definitely mesh well, but they've also made names for themselves thanks to their distinctive and always-hot sound.

Justin Martin was born-and-raised in San Francisco, and brings that free-spirited, loving energy to everything he does, especially his music. He was one of the first artists to release on Claude VonStroke's Dirtybird Records in 2005 when it first launched, and played an important role in sharing that early-aughts Bay Area rave energy with VonStroke and the beloved label.

Eats Everything was born-and-raised in Bristol, where he cut his teeth in the legendary club scene there in the early '00s. In 2011, he dropped the entrancing, smooth garage-y Entrance Song EP on Catz N Dogz's Pets Records, and the global dance scene took notice. His sound channels and adds to the eclectic, expansive British rave sound, with a penchant for wonderfully kooky club tracks. He's also brought the UK sound to Dirtybird as early as 2011.

Read (and listen on) for five of the best Justin Martin and Eats Everything collabs.

1. Eats Everything & Justin Martin - The Gettup

Released on Dirtybird in June 2013, this eight-minute heater has looped vocals, melodic piano stabs, handclaps, and a Dirtybird-certified bouncing beat. It's a slow burner that keeps you enticed as the elements of build on top of each other. "The Gettup" fits in with other big Dirtybird tracks at the time from the likes of Shiba San and VonStroke, but still feels unique and distinct from the rest of the pack

2. Justin Martin & Eats Everything - Feather Fight

The Feather Fight EP, released on London's Hypercolour Records in February 2013, was the first time we saw Justin and Eats Everything collabed on a track. The title track starts with a fun electro beat and slowly builds tension as it moves along. At about two minutes and forty seconds, the track breaks down into a groovy number, and picks up some distorted vocals. This is a real fun one, and is a great taste of the playful rave magic the duo can create together.

3. Justin Martin & Eats Everything - Steven Jello

"Steven Jello" is the A-side of Hello Mr. Jello, released by Dirtybird in March 2014. Fitting with its name, it’s wiggly and bouncy, with a bit of trumpet-esque action, sparkly percussion, and ear enticing sonic flourishes. Halfway through an echoing voice comes in to announce "you make me feel so good!" Agreed.

4. Justin Martin & Eats Everything - Kong

"Kong" is the other track on Hello Mr. Jello, and is also filled with intriguing sonic wonder. There are airplane and car engine sounds, banging taiko-esque drums, and more, over a rapidly ticking baseline. King Kong is ready for that daytime rave!

5. Justin Martin - Ruff Stuff (Eats Everything Reruff)

Surprisingly, the only official remix between the pair is Eats Everything's fun, angular edit of "Ruff Stuff," from the first remix package of Martin's debut 2012 album Ghettos & Gardens. The "Reruff" adds a bit more banging energy with a UK bass vibe and a frenzied alarm-like breakdown but leaves the amazing line from the original "This this this is that rough shiiii."

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