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Dan Pearce has never been "cool" and, by his own admission, on appearance, you probably wouldn't think you’re looking at one of the world's best DJs. Looks can be deceiving, eh.

Sporting an unashamed larger frame, a fun loving character and a cheeky grin (not to mention a ravenous appetite!), Eats Everything is the antithesis of your slick Instagram-able DJ. Spoiler alert: he's all the more relatable for it.

Eats Everything orders the menu

Equally as engaging as his personality, is his underdog backstory.

Immersing himself in his local illegal rave network, Dan always dreamed of hitting the big time. Though life has a habit of dealing tough doses of reality.

His wife, though encouraging and empathetic, gave him an ultimatum: give music a shot for a year, but if nothing materialized after twelve months, then it would be time to find a "real" job with stability and constant paycheck.

It was now or never.

The best part of ten months passed with Dan toiling but struggling to earn enough. The fees he got from irregular DJ gigs were meager and unreliable. Then, just as he had conceded defeat and a life of career indifference, a miracle happened. CATZ N DOGZ signed Entrance Song to their Pets Recordings label and the track blew up! Overnight, Eats Everything went from relative nobody to the hottest name in the underground.

Labels and promoters alike scrambled to sign him up and just like that, the pieces of the jigsaw fell into place. Dan never returned to his soulless office job in recruitment. Instead Eats Everything was here to stay.

Over the coming months and years, he would add to a growing list of achievements. Releasing tracks on esteemed labels such as dirtybird, Hypercolour and Futureboogie, Eats quickly earned a reputation for making forward-thinking, bass-heavy house music.

His sound was distinctly Bristolian in nature: non-linear with influence from drum and bass and hardcore.

For the uninitiated, westerly Bristol is somewhat of a musical anomaly. With an outsider mentality, the city boasts a rich cultural heritage. It's unfashionable, but for locals and visitors alike, it's often regarded as one of the UK's best destinations for nightlife. In recent years, Eats Everything has been pivotal in amplifying Bristol's dance music heartbeat.

This fresh sound helped accelerate the tech house era that was just starting to emerge as the scene's dominant sub-genre.

After ten years at house music's forefront, Eats Everything is one of the industry's safest pair of hands. Success hasn't changed him though. He's still a fun loving foodie who just happens to be one of the very best.


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