5 Songs that Define the Sound of Eelke Kleijn

Nov 30, 2022

Jonah Flint

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In over two decades, Eelke Kleijn has accomplished a truly incredible amount. Starting out as a trance producer, he quickly made a name for himself in the early 2000s, garnering support from Tiësto and Armin van Buuren.

After moving on from the project, he dove deep into the melodic and progressive sounds for which we now know him. Over the years he built up an impressive discography and gained movie credits for his film scores. He took a break starting in 2016 and put his career on pause as his commercial success became overwhelming and forced him to take a step back and reassess his path.

After a year off, Eelke Kleijn came back stronger than ever, announcing his new label, album, and dozens of strong singles and remixes. Below are five such works that define the Eelke Kleijn sound.

1. Rüfüs Du Sol - No Place (Eelke Kleijn Remix)

It’s always fascinating to hear how one artist interprets another’s music. Eelke Kleijn has specifically spoken over the years about the pros and cons of remixes. In certain instances throughout his career, he was approached for a remix in which the artist made demands of him that limited his creative freedom. It is safe to say that Rüfüs Du Sol did not hold Eelke Kleijn back for his interpretation of the iconic track “No Place.” His remix is a stripped-down version of the original that still maintains melody and energy.

2. The Magician

Although each of Eelke Kleijn’s albums is best listened to in full, there are naturally standout singles. His most recent album Oscillations was released in 2020 and spans 11 tracks that take listeners on a journey through the Eelke Kleijn sound. “The Magician” is without a doubt the highlight of the album. Deep layers, emotive vocals, and heavy basslines punctuate the song, creating a pure musical experience that can be enjoyed in the club, or simply on a walk through the park.

3. Luigi’s Magic Mushroom

One of his first hits, and a track that is still part of Eelke Kleijn’s setlists today, “Luigi’s Magic Mushroom” stands the test of time. Released in 2007, it is replete with video game-style samples, creating an intoxicating track that sucks listeners in.

4. Lost Souls (Nora En Pure Remix)

If there is anyone who makes sense to remix an Eelke Kleijn track, it is Nora En Pure. She takes the progressive banger and puts her deep melodic spin on it, crafting a soundscape that is perfect for sunsets, sunrises, and everything in between.

5. Mont Saint-Michel

Last but certainly not least, “Mont Saint-Michel” is Eelke Kleijn’s single from his iconic Cercle performance. As has become a tradition for the brand, artists now release a track alongside their live set. Eelke has spoken at length about the preparation and time he put into this show. It comes as no surprise that his single for Cercle is equally breathtaking.

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